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Introduction, Mission Statement & The Board Introduction The Ohio State Board of Optometry is a state government agency established by the legislature in 1919 to regulate the practice of optometry and consumer protection.

CASE 173 - Sawamura - Macular hole

PAM Sample 4 with CS Items: Page 1 PAM EXAMINATION: PATIENT SAMPLE 4 Demographics: 62-year-old white female; travel agent Chief complaint: decreasing vision OD over past 6 months Secondary complaints/symptoms: eyes feel scratchy all day Patient ocular history: corneal abrasion OS at age 45 ...


EDUCATION * Be a graduate of an approved college of optometry. SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR DIPLOMA, or certified transcript. EXAMINATION * Pass the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) Parts I and II after 1987 and pass the NBEO Part III after 1991.

College of Optometry

*College *of*Optometry* 145 Mission Statement The mission of the College of Optometry is to educate and train optometric physicians to practice at the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism and to provide a multidisciplinary environment that encourages and supports ...

Schools and Colleges of Optometry: ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS ...

Schools and Colleges of Optometry: ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS 2009-2010 Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry 6110 Executive Boulevard Suite 420 Rockville, Maryland 20852 (301) 231-5944 www.opted.org


SECTION 1. Title. — This Act shall be known and cited as the " Revised Optometry Law of 1995 ." Sec. 2. Declaration of State Policy. — The State recognizes the essential role of optometry as a profession in safeguarding and enhancing the health and general physical well-being of the ...

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scores in conjunction with collegiate records are useful in predicting performance. Each optometry school determines the relative importance of these predictors in the admission process.

PreOptometry Prerequisite Classes

BYU-Idaho Pre-professional Advising Center • Benson 209 • 496-2483 • www.byui.edu/preprofessional PRE-OPTOMETRY PREREQUISITES IMPORTANT: Since the required prerequisites for individual schools may vary from these recommendations, it

The New England College of

The New England College of Optometry Alumni Magazine is published in May and September by the College's Office of Institutional Advancement. Phone: 617-236-6285 Fax: 617-236-6349 E-Mail: ashew@neco.edu On-line: www.neco.edu President Elizabeth Chen, MBA Alumni Association President Philip ...