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side is inside.

1. Blintz-fold, the colored side is inside. 2. Turn the paper over 3. Fold a small rabbit ear. 4. Petal-fold the small flap 5. Preliminary fold, just like a bird base.

Andrea's Rose -

Andrea's Rose - J.C. Nolan 9/25/91 5. To complete the base, do the same with C & D. A B C D B A 8. Now you will execute the next level of sinks using the spread-squash method.


the "waterbomb" base tuck in blow petal fold a "blintz" fold 1/2 "Waterbomb" Iris "waterbomb" Iris squash 1/2 becomes 3-D; curl petals make a "preliminary" base open and squash squash Candy Dish

Great White Shark

Great White Shark!"#! $!!%&$'()!%*" +, % %-""""%0" 123%45(678('97(7 976.%7:% 9%;%:%-% 6%-% '%-%)%-% % 8%+"% 7%-%-% <%>% 9%#0% 8%-"%:%?""% 6% "% '%@" %

Designed by: Won Park Diagrammed by: Márcio Noguchi

Difficulty: Complex 1 2 3 Designed by: Won Park Diagrammed by: Márcio Noguchi 4 5 6 Begin with the above orientation. We will call the color side. Note: make sure that the note is perfectly square on corners (not crooked) and print is centered.

Part 1. Origami, Copyright, andthe Law ...

Page 3 (3) to distribute copies by sale, rental, lease, or lending; (4) to perform publicly literary and other certain other types of works; and (5 ) to display publicly literary, sculptural, and certain other types of works.

In the Fold: Origami Meets Mathematics

from SIAM News , Volume 34, Number 8 In the Fold: Origami Meets Mathematics By Barry A. Cipra Say "origami" and most people picture birds, fish, or frogs made of sharply creased paper, an amusing exercise for children.

Origami Crane Instructions

www.origami-fun. com Origami Crane Instructions 2. Turn the paper over to the white side. Fold the paper in half, crease well and open, and then fold again in the other direction 3.


SCIENCE Louisiana Public Broadcasting • 7733 Perkins Rd • Baton Rouge, LA 70810 • 225.767.5660 • 800.272.8161 • www.lpb.org • edserv@lpb.org ORIGAMI WHALE ORIGAMI WHALE ORIGAMI WHALE ORIGAMI WHALE ORIGAMI WHALE 1.

The Mathematics of Origami

1 Introduction Origami is a type of art rstoriginated from Japan. It is possible to fold many beautiful shapes in origami. Most amazingly, many astonishing pieces of origami are produced from a single piece of paper, with no cuttings.