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Colour Shifter Duo Star Design and diagram by Ilan Garibi ...

theFOLD This document was published by OrigamiUSA s online magazine, The Fold, with permission from the author. If you did not obtain this document from The Fold s website, you may have infringed upon the author s copyright.


THE ORIGAMI SOURCE. ORDER FORM. Date: SHIP TO Send order form and payment to: OrigamiUSA. Name: c/o Mike & Janet Hamilton


THE ORIGAMI SOURCE ORDER FORM Date: SHIP TO Send order form and payment to: OrigamiUSA Name: c/o Mike & Janet Hamilton 40 Lake Park Drive Address Piscataway, NJ 08854 Fax: (732) 325-9502 origamisource@origami-usa.org www.origami-usa.org OrigamiUSA Membership # Catalog # Item Name Quantity Unit ...

OrigamiUSA Convention 2010 Bibliography - Preliminary

Models Creator. OrigamiUSA Convention 2010 Bibliography - Preliminary Teacher Teacher Models Creator Published Alan Tristan Black Tristan Not Published Alan Tristan Crane Tristan Not Published Arter Brad Kasahara Kunihiko Unknown Arter Brad Troublewit Vase Rae Unknown Assis Michael Rubber ...

Bunny Container

By Karen Houston ©2003 Taught at OrigamiUSA Convention 2002 Bring the tip of the top layer only up to the top point, but DO NOT crease. Instead, make a pinch to mark the center, and then unfold.

Origami Design Tree Theory for Uniaxial Bases

•Origami Insects II, my latest, contains a collection of fairly challenging insect designs •Both (and other books) available from the OrigamiUSA Source (www.origami-usa.org).

Fourth International Meeting of Origami Science, Mathematics ...

OrigamiUSA. III. Title. IV. Title: Origami Four. More CIPinfo. QA491.I552006 736'.982-dc22 2009013855 Cover illustrations: See"Constructing Regular n -gonal Twist Boxes," Figure2 (p. 43); "ABriefHistoryofOribotics,"Figure 1 (p. 52); and "Curves and Flats,"Figure 4 (p. 13).

Curriculum Vitae Chris K Palmer

... The Textile Museum, Washington D.C. 2003-2004 Origami Masterworks, Mingei International Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 2002 International Origami Exhibit, The Depot Arts Center, Anacortes, WA 1999 Pacific Northwest Arts Fair, Bellvue, WA 1998 Paris Origami, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris 1994-2004 OrigamiUSA ...

Domo Origami

While studying at Caltech, Lang came into contact with other origami masters such as Michael La-Fosse , John Montroll, Joseph Wu, and Paul Jackson through the Origami Center of America, now known as OrigamiUSA.

ATC Quarterly is printed in full colour and folds to 8 1/2" x ...

Read about the celebration of the art of paper folding at the Big ATC Trade at OrigamiUSA's recent convention in New York City on page 14. Bret Browne has a private psychotherapy practice incorporating art therapy and mindfulness meditation techniques.