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Child soldiers The shadow of their existence

300.002 Antonio (19): "I joined the guerrillas when I was ten." Children's personal accounts show why they are recruited and what solutions are possible.



Для научных и научно-популярных ...

THE SUN DEFINES THE CLIMATE Habibullo Abdussamatov, Dr. Sc. Head of Space research laboratory of the Pulkovo Observatory, Head of the Russian/Ukrainian joint project Astrometria Published in the Russian journal "Nauka i Zhizn" ("Science and Life"), 2009, N1, pp. 34-42.


CM 2300/10 GG/cr 2 DG H 1 A EN 4. Proposal for the setting up of a standardised format for alerts on genuine and false documents for all Member States of the European Union in order to reinforce border controls at authorised border posts - Information by the Presidency - doc. 5298/10 FAUXDOC 1 ...

The Effects of Equine Assisted Activities on the Social ...

1 The Effects of Equine Assisted Activities on the Social Functioning of Children with Autism Margaret M. Bass, Ph.D. Maria Llabre, Ph.D. Autism is a spectrum disorder with a range of complex neurodevelopment symptoms that is four times more prevalent in males than females (American Psychiatric ...


Manuals.xls. Manuals Copy of Merk Type Omschrijving Origineelprijs Advance DC1-DC8 Power Supply O 8,00 Advance J1B en J2B Signal Generator C 10,00 Advance OS3000 Dual trace Oscilloscope O 12,00 Advance PM44-56 Power Supply O 5,00 Advance PMD18-1 Power Supply O 6,00 Airmec Type 201 HF Signal ...

10/2006 Bovenstaande nummers zijn uitsluitend voor referentie ...

1.1 www.kramp.com 10/2006 Bovenstaande nummers zijn uitsluitend voor referentie doeleinden en behoeven als zodanig niet origineel te zijn SEAL KITS

Digital Agenda Annual Progress Report

1 Digital Agenda for Europe Annual Progress Report 2011 22 December 2011 1. Introduction – The DAE and the EU The sovereign debt crises and the ensuing economic turmoil of 2011 are in part due to

European Union

FOREWORD Europe is facing an investment challenge in the financing of high speed internet infrastructure. High amounts of investments are needed to achieve ubiquitous coverage of state-of-the-art competitive broadband networks, yet “the benefits for society as

My black mother

187 [naarorigineel] Eddy Bruma My black mother My black mother dozes on her bench, all the children have gone to bed. Old mother, come rise, go to sleep, I knowhow weary you are, mother.