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Lost Ypsilanti Speaks - The Starkweather Fountain

She Lucy Osband. William and Lucy Osband were involved in many community activities. William, in particular, was a member of several civic organizations and was often elected to leadership positions in those groups.


v Osband, ICEBERG RISK TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Preface i Part One: Standards of Deviation "Missing the Iceberg for the Ice Cubes" 1 Chapter 1: Odd Odds of Odds 10 Chapter 2: New Angles on Pascal's Triangle 22 Chapter 3: Amazing Tails of Risk 33 Chapter 4: More Amazing Tails 44 Chapter 5: The ...


ANNUAL "GIFT OF LIFE" SCREENING ENDOWED BY OSBAND FAMILY Every Maimonides School senior class will have the opportunity to be screened for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow registry, thanks to the newly-endowed Michael E. Osband Gift of Life Program.

Palm Beach County HIV CARE Council CARE Council Meeting

Palm Beach County HIV CARE Council CARE Council Meeting June 29, 2009 Minutes Members Present Members Absent Rafael Abadia Thomas McKissack Bobbie Cleveland* David Begley Larry Osband Alice Holmes* Kimberly Bradley Jennifer Piva Glenn Krabec* Rosalyn Collins Mary Jane Reynolds Linda Leary ...

Leicestershire & Rutland District Folk Committee

In attendance were Margaret and John Pollard, Mary and Keith Oughton, Jenny and Geoff Weston, Doug and Maggie Weston, Keith Clafton, Corinne Male, Ian and Patsy Paterson, Jean Forrester, John and Pauline Osband, John Fear, Mike and Dianne Bird, Richard Spendlove, Dennis and Mary Bradley, Jenny Crane ...

2004 Board of Governors Meeting

Pictured: Yardena Osband with US Ambassador Dan Kurtzer (left) at the 2004 graduation ceremony of the program. Yardena's son and daughter were born while she was on the program.

Fruit Flower

... Mathison Rosemary McDermott MaryAnn McDowell & Robert Neuberger Jeanne McGinnis & Andy Chenoweth Sean McInerny Helen Morris Daniel & Molly Mullen Craig Murphy & Julie Franz Bob Nagel Distributing Co. Karl Nordin & Cheryl Colarullo Martha & Peter Norrie James O'Brien & Roma Peyser Sarah W. O'Connell Erin Osband ...

III. Other Items

Montgomery County – G.Osband 1. Hunt to call Greg to find if he or another person from AMT would contact Montgomery County ii. DDOE – J.Nelson 1.


The Dancing English English Country Dance Pauline Osband, 0116-2393534 Hinckley Bullockers (Mens' Molly Dancing) Tuesday. Tony Ashley, 01455-239690 Jerusalem Jammers (Ladies' Garland/Step) Saturday.

Scholarship Adbook 2009-2010/5770

Barbara Osband Yardaena Osband '93 & David Glazer, Aura, Michael, Yonah and Gilad Mechael '95 & Ayla Osband, Shalem, Amitz and Afik Noam Osband '98 • Dovid '02 & Michelle Osband '02