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Operating Instruction Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Welch Allyn CompacVideo Otoscope System for ear care professionals. The operating and maintenance instructions found in this manual should be followed to ensure years of reliable service.

Compac Video Otoscope

A complete video otoscope in the palm of your hand! Welch Allyn CompacVideo TM Otoscope Disposable speculum Digital imaging chip enables crisp, clear video to be transmitted to your monitor Composite video output cable can be connected directly to a TV, VCR or monitor Designed for use with any ...

Otoscopy and Tympanometry Screening Manual

5 USING THE OTOSCOPE CORRECTLY Here are the steps for using the otoscope correctly: 1. Attach the otoscope head onto the Otoscope power base. 2. Find the largest speculum, which will allow you to see into the child's ear canal - usually a 3mm speculum.

Ear examination

858 3 Reprinted from Australian Family Physician Vol. 34, No. 10, October 2005 Clinical practice: Ear examination - A practical guide Using the otoscope The otoscope is always held by the physician in the hand that correlates with the side of the ear to be examined, ie. the patient's right ear is examined ...

A Comparison of In- Person Examination and Video Otoscope ...

A Comparison of In- Person Examination and Video Otoscope Imaging for Tympanostomy Tube Follow- Up

Video Otoscope

User's Manual Video Otoscope AMD-300S PUB-112 Rev B.doc iii Table of Contents Section Title Page Preface ..... v About this Document ...

MedRx sells several different Video Otoscope configurations ...

2 OS-I-MVOIN-7 • Effective 10/30/2008 MedRx Video Otoscope MedRx sells several different Video Otoscope configurations with either the battery powered light source or the external light source We have combined the wiring instructions, trouble shooting & warranty information into one manual.

Xenon halogen bulbs. General Medicine and ENT Instruments

otoscope accessories (diagnostic and operating otoscope) Spreadable Nasal Speculum all metal construction. Anatomically correct rounded shape.

Tele-View® TV-200V Wireless Otoscope Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Monitors Corporation 7098 Miratech Drive, San Diego, CA 92121 Toll Free: 877-838-8367 x102 Phone: 858-536-8237 x102 www.tele-view.com Tele-View ® TV-200V Wireless Otoscope Frequently Asked Questions 1.

Operating Instructions

Accessories: Insufflator bulb REF 23804 Lamp REF 06500-U Disposable Specula REF 52432-U, 2.75 mm REF 52434-U, 4.25 mm Reusable Specula REF 24302-U, 2.5 mm REF 24303-U, 3 mm REF 24304-U, 4 mm REF 24305-U, 5 mm REF 24400-U, Set of 4 23810 Diagnostic Otoscope and 23820 Otoscope/ Throat Illuminator Material No ...