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Application Note 140 CMOS Schmitt Trigger-A Uniquely ...

CMOSSchmitt Trigger—A Uniquely Versatile Design Component INTRODUCTION The Schmitttrigger has found many applications in numer-ouscircuits, both analog and digital.

Representations of Two-Variable Elementary Functions Using ...

Introduction Elementary functions have wide applications including computer graphics and digital signal processing, and vari-ouscircuits (function generators) for them have been developed[16].

52 F1 657, Federal Reporter

As before stated, there is great conflict in the decisions of the federal courts on this question, and, in view of this conflict in the vari-ouscircuits, it may perhaps be instructive and of value to note the prin-cipaldecisions made upon this question.

Oscillator Characteristics of COPS Microcontrollers

The results obtained provide greater flexibility in the oscillator selection ina COPs system and gives the user some general indication as to what may be expected with the vari-ouscircuits described.