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MEDIVIR, FINANCIAL STATEMENT, 1 January - 31 December 2006

MIV-170—outlicensed to Bristol-Myers Squibb The MIV-170 project represents a new structural class in the NNRTI segment. The polymerase inhibitor MIV-170 has demonstrated excellent potency in vitro , and an enhanced resistance barrier in preclinical studies.

MEDIVIR, INTERIM REPORT 1 January - 31 March 2007

3 MIV-160 outlicensed to Guangdong Lantai Viewland Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The last of Medivir's polymerase inhibitors, MIV-160, was outlicensed to Guangdong Lantai Viewland Pharmaceuticals (Lantai Pharmaceutical).

Final summary to Unit Holders July 27 2010 2

... to phase 2 studies which were on “clinical hold” beginning August 2008; and c) the licensor’s interest in pexiganan, an anti-microbial topical treatment, that Genaera had advanced through two phase 3 studies in 1999 without receiving marketing approval and which Genaera had outlicensed for ...

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In addition to Beijing Med-Pharm's license in China, Cytokine has outlicensed Misopess in the United States and Korea and is seeking licensing partners for Europe and other markets.

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Sancuso (granisetron ProStrakan chemotherapy- 5 hydroxytryptamine new licensee outlicensed to Kyowa transdermal induced nausea 3 antagonist hakko Kirin; hong Kong,

SPECIALTY PHARMA COMPANY Risk mitigated drug development

Commercialised products • Abstral® •Edluar™ • Diabact® • Heliprobe system® Outlicensed programs • OX-CLI/ESI • OX-MPI • OX17 • OX-NLA CURRENT FINANCIAL ASSETS Page 20 These projects have generated USD 130m in license revenue to date Potential future development & sales ...

Glenmark's consolidated revenue increases by 18 % to Rs ...

GRC 6211 has been outlicensed to Eli Lilly & company. In December 2008, Glenmark bagged the prestigious SCRIP award for the "Best Pharma Company in the World - SME"and the "Best Company in Emerging Markets" at the SCRIP Awards 2008 in London.


Finally, if there are benefits of co-development (gains-from-trade model) and/or if only high-quality drugs are outlicensed (scenarios 2 and 3 of the signaling model), then drugs that are co-developed should be more likely to advance than those developed independently.

D PIPELINES, As of October 20, 2011

... VEGF receptor inhibitor Phase Ⅰ Cancer Oral In-house KHK2866 Anti-HB-EGF humanized antibody Phase Ⅰ in USA Cancer Injection In-house POTELLIGENT® LY2523355 Litronesib M phase kinesin Eg5 inhibitor Phase Ⅰ Cancer Injection In-house World wide outlicensed to Eli Lilly for the ...

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Patent estate was outlicensed. • Herpesvirus assemblin protease inhibitors were developed and outlicensed • Developed N-myristoyltransferase inhibitors as antifungal compounds through preclinical testing G.D. Searle, formerly a wholly-owned pharmaceutical subsidiary of Monsanto Co. is now part of ...