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California Statewide Trauma Planning: Assessment and Future Direction Page ii CALIFORNIA STATEWIDE TRAUMA PLANNING: ASSESSMENT AND FUTURE DIRECTION Table of Contents PURPOSE OF REPORT..... 1 PROJECT ...

Jude Sermon Outlines

Called! Sanctified! And Preserved! Jude 1-2 INTRODUCTION 1. In several passages throughout the New Testament, we find serious warnings about impending apostasy...

Statistical Considerations ina Counterfactual Theory of ...

... of Causation Mackieand INUS Condition for Causation Woodward and th e Manipulability Theory of Causation Invariance Invariance and Modularity Weak Exogeneity AD efinitionof Weak Exogeneity Invariance revisited Super-exogeneity Conclusions and Implications forSEM IMPS 2008 3/20 This paper outlinesa framework for ...

A Cost-Conscious Guide to Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities

This report, intended for use by building managers and engineers, outlinesa computer program which utilizes mathematical optimization techniques to identify the least-cost means of upgrading health care facilities to compliance with the Life Safety Code.

Markov ChainMonte Carlo for Incomplete Information Discrete Games

Markov ChainMonte Carlo for Incomplete Information Discrete Games Sanjog Misr a * Simon Schoolof Business University of Rochester Abstract This paper outlinesa Bayesianapproach to estimating discrete games of incomplete information.

Mechanisms of Shared Attention fora Humanoid Robot

Mechanisms of Shared Attention fora Humanoid Robot Brian Scassellati scaz@ai.mit.edu MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab 545 Technology Square, Room NE43-835 Cambridge, MA 02139 Abstract This paper outlinesa proposal for constructing mechanisms of shared attention fora humanoid robot through a ...

Efficient System-Level Testing of Embedded Real-Time Software

This paper outlinesa framework (or rather, a set of methods) for using this information in order to achieve a more efficient system-level testing of real-time software for embedded applications.

Connecting R&Octave

Connecting R&Octave Duncan Temple Lang Department of Statistics Bell Labs August 29,2002 Abstract This outlinesa framework for embedding Rin Octave and vice-versa.


This thesis outlinesa fracture detection system, and focuses on the extraction of the femur bone contour and measurement of the femoral neck-shaft angle.

Fever in the ICU

This article reviews the common infectious and noninfectious causes of fever in ICU patients and outlinesa rational approach to the management of this problem.