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Hollister/Cathedral Oaks Overcrossing Replacement

Hollister/Cathedral Oaks Overcrossing Replacement City of Goleta SB-101 PM 26.5/27.1 05 -371500/05-0M1400 Initial Study with Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration Prepared by the State of California Department of Transportation November 2005

Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing of Treat Boulevard

Contra Costa County Public Works Department Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing of Treat Boulevard Summary of Design Options Page 1 Ove Arup & Partners California Ltd November 22, 2002 1.

Court Street Overcrossing - Phase 1

Project Schedule Project Location Need/Purpose The construction of this overcrossing provides a grade-separated crossing of the Union Paci fi c Railroad, improving safety and reducing congestion for pedestrian and bicycle traffi c accessing the Martinez Waterfront.

Tustin Avenue/ Rose Drive Overcrossing

Orange County Transortation Authority 0 S. Main Street, .O. ox 1414, Orange, CA 14 • 714 0OCTA • .octa.net 10F_047 1//11 Tustin Avenue/Rose Drive Overcrossing Project


overcrossing leg off East Meadow Circle on the south side of Barron Creek? This suggested ramp alignment is under consideration.


1 Agenda Item #2 Community Development Contra Costa County COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2003 - 7:00 P.M. I. INTRODUCTION CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (Owner) and CONTRA COSTA COUNTY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY (Applicant) , County File #CP03-18: Treat Boulevard/Jones Road (Iron Horse Trail) Overcrossing ...

Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Over US 101 near Ralston Avenue ...

Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Over US 101 near Ralston Avenue Overcrossing and over the O'Neil Slough in Belmont June 2009 The Belmont Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge Project is composed of Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridges, crossing over US 101, 900 feet north of Ralston Avenue and crossing over O'Neil Slough.

Reconstructing and widening the Carmenita Rd overcrossing ...

PM Conformity Hot Spot Analysis - Project Summary for Interagency Consultation Version 3.0 July 3, 2006 RTIP ID# (required) LA0D73B Project Description (clearly describe project) The proposed project consists of reconfiguring the interchange at Carmenita Road and entails the following ...

I-5 Overcrossing Marvin Road Interchange

I-5 Overcrossing -Marvin Road Interchange Stormwater Stormwater treatment facilities were constructed for stormwater runoff. This project used a combination of three swales and three ponds to treat stormwater.

FACT SHEET: Bike & Pedestrian Projects

You may also visit us on the web at www.vta.org, or e-mail us at community.outreach@vta.org. FACT SHEET: Bike & Pedestrian Projects Blossom Hill Pedestrian Overcrossing Keep the Valley Green BHPedO 07/22/10-F Project Funding Partners