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ASSOCIATED OVERDOSE DEATHS Factors Contributing to Increased ...

Report to Congressional Requesters United States Government Accountability Office . GAO . METHADONE-ASSOCIATED . OVERDOSE DEATHS Factors Contributing


Patients that ingest an acute overdose and have NAC therapy initiated within 8 hours do well and have less than a 10% incidence of hepatotoxicity and generally do not develop liver failure or die.

Drug War Facts : Overdose

Overdose HEROIN: 1. "A first priority for prevention must be to reduce the frequency of drug overdoses. We should inform heroin users about the risks of combining heroin with alcohol and other depressant drugs.

Suicides due to alcohol and/or drug overdose

Suicides Due to Alcohol and/or Drug Overdose Suicides due to alcohol and/or drug overdose

Poisoning John Gualtieri,

Describe the mechanisms by which CCBs exert their toxic effects in the setting of drug overdose. 3.) Be able to discuss patient disposition for cases of CCB overdose ...

Handling Overdose/Poisoning Calls

Handling Overdose/Poisoning Calls These types of calls typically fall into one of two categories. For simplicity we will call them overdose and accidental ingestion (or poisoning).

Unintentional Drug Poisoning in the United States

Drug overdose death rates in the United States have never been higher

Information about Drug Overdose Treatment

Please call 911 if you think you have a medical emergency. Visit http://www.eMedicineHealth.com for first aid and consumer health information. Copyright 2008 Drug Overdose Treatment Treatment will be dictated by the specific drug taken in the overdose.

Overdose: A National Crisis Taking Root in Texas Prepared By:

Overdose: A National Crisis Taking Root in Texas Prepared By: Drug Policy Alliance 70 West 36th Street 16th Floor New York, NY 10018 212.613.8020 voice


ASPIRIN OVERDOSE by Glen E Hastings MD November 10, 2005 I Introduction: Intentional salicylate overdose usually occurs predominantly in adolescents & young adults.