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s tudy g uides & l esson P lans These six study guides integrate Bible study, prayer, worship, and reflection on themes in the Parables issue.

What did Jesus say about money? (The Parables)

Business Inductive Study Series Jesus on Money - the Parables 1.0 ©2008 by Richard K. Freed 1 What did Jesus say about money? (The Parables) Miracles Taxes Giving / Ministry Support Illustration of a spiritual principle Discipleship 0 102 03 04 0 Number of mentions Jesus' References to Money In ...

P A R A B L E S O F J E S U S T H E N E W T E S T A M E N T ...

C ONTENTS PAGE PREFACE CHART NO. 1 - Parables of Jesus in Chronological Order CHART NO. 2 - Classificatio n of the Parables of Jesus LESSON 1 - Parables of the Kingdom No. 1 The Parable of the Sower 1 - 1 LESSON 2 - Parables of the ...

The Contexts of Jesus' Parables

2 The Contexts of Jesus' Parables Jesus' parables were created and preserved in conversation with both Jewish and Greco-Roman cultural environments, and they partake, vigorously at times, in those cultural dialogues.

Guildlines For Interpreting Jesus' Parables

30 BIBLIOTHECA SACRA / January—March 1998 inated by a "sophisticated" literary criticism and structuralism which seems to be more concerned with the style of argumentation than the historical interpretation.

The Interpretation of Parables

4 GRACE JOURNAL The individual parables have been interpreted in many diverse ways, from the extreme allegorical method of Augustine to the topical method of Chrysostom.

The Parables of Jesus Christ in the New Testament

A Study of the Parables of Jesus Gene Taylor-1-Table of Contents Table of Contents ..... 1 An Introduction to the Parables ...


THE PARABLES: Catching the point The parables of Jesus are quite familiar and often well known. Yet they are perhaps the most abused and misinterpreted portions of Scripture.

The Bible Stories Video Project: The Parables of Jesus

Leader's Guide for The Bible Stories Video Project: The Parables of Jesus Straight to the Heart Study Materials Prepared by Dawn Moore and the staff of Christian History Institute for Vision Video P. O. Box 540 Worcester, PA 19490 1-800-523-0226 www. vision video. com


Parables Parables Parables P RINCIPLES FOR P ROPER I NTERPRETATION To begin a study in the parables it is essential that the interpreter keep in mind certain hermeneutical principles.