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University of Pittsburgh Safety Manual

University of Pittsburgh Safety Manual EHS Policy # 04-007 Effective Date Subject: FORMALDEHYDE AND PARAFORMALDEHYDE 3/2/10 Page 1 of 3 GUIDELINES FOR THE SAFE USE OF FORMALDEHYDE AND PARAFORMALDEHYDE Exposure to formaldehyde can be irritating to the eyes, nose, and upper respiratory tract.

Paraformaldehyde (4%)

Paraformaldehyde (4%) 1. Place 80 ml of 0.1M PBS into a hood chemical beaker. Do NOT use regular laboratory glassware for making paraformaldehyde.

Material Safety Data Sheet Paraformaldehyde MSDS

p. 1 2 3 0 Health Fire Reactivity Personal Protection 2 2 0 J Material Safety Data Sheet Paraformaldehyde MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification Product Name: Paraformaldehyde Catalog Codes: SLP1627 CAS#: 30525-89-4 RTECS: RV0540000 TSCA: TSCA 8(b) inventory ...


(Polyoxymethylene, Metaformaldehyde, Paraform) Paraformaldehyde 1 of 2 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Paraformaldehyde, Chemical Abstracts Registry Number 30525-89-4 Wiswesser Line Formula Chemical Notation Q1/O1/ + 711 Formaldehyde, Chemical Abstracts Registry Number 50-00-0 Wiswesser Line Formula ...


4% Paraformaldehyde Packet A Page 1 of 4 BBC Biochemical MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Section 1. Chemical Product and Company Information Common Name: 4% Paraformaldehyde, Packet A Code: 8015, 8016, 8017 Supplier: BBC Biochemical MSDS#: 8015, 8016, 8017 Synonym: Not Available Validation Date: 3-4 ...

Pesticide Illness Due to Room Disinfection with Paraformaldehyde

California Department of Health Services SENSOR/EPA Occupational Pesticide Poisoning Prevention Project Field Investigation Report (CA 001-99- June 21, 1999) Pesticide Illness Due to Room Disinfection with Paraformaldehyde The Sentinal Event Notification of Occupational Risk (SENSOR) Pesticide ...

Material Safety Data Sheet

Page 1 of 7 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Paraformaldehyde Section 01 - Chemical And Product And Company Information Product Identifier …………………….... Paraformaldehyde Product Use ………………………….....

Fixation Buffer

BD Cytofix™ Technical Data Sheet Fixation Buffer Product Information Material Number: 554655 Size: 100 ml Description BD Cytofix™ Fixation Buffer is comprised of a neutral pH-buffered saline (i.e., Dulbecco's Phosphate-Buffered Saline) that contains 4% w/v paraformaldehyde.

PFA Fixation for Immunofluorescence

PFA Fixation for Immunofluorescence * This fixation protocol works well for most antibodies and fusion proteins. We use it at 37 ° C to preserve microtubules in mitotic cells, but it can also be used at room temperature.

Preparation of Paraformaldehyde Fix

Preparation of Paraformaldehyde Fix Protocol author: Virginia Weis Date: 2002 Citation: Rodriguez-Lanetty, M., D. A. Krupp and V. M. Weis. 2004. Distinct ITS types of Symbiodinium in clade C correlate with cnidarian/dinoflagellate specificity during onset of symbiosis.