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Parquet by Dian (PBD) Frequently Asked Questions @natoli Efr,G 1998 1) Q: Yllho is Dian? A Dian is a merger of the names of Dima Efros (son) ard Anatoli Efros (fdher).

Emulsion Poly-Isocyanate (EPI)

Bamboo Parquet, Sandwich Wood Parquet, Multi-layer Flooring, Bamboo-Wood Composite Parquet, Bamboo Furniture Boards Character Two components (Matrix + Hardener) emulsion poly-isocyanate adhesive; Long open

• The installer assumes all responsibility for final ...

1/4" & 5/16" Solid Oak Parquet Products For Glue-Down Installations INSTALLER/OWNER RESPONSIBILITY Beautiful hardwood floors are a product of nature and therefore, not perfect.

Production and laying

KLEBSTOFFE ADHESIVES ADHESIVES Parquet production Parquet floors - regardless whether solid wood or two or three-layer parquet are subject to high demands.

Manual for installing Quick- Step Parquet over floor heating

Manual for installing Quick-Step Parquet over floor heating. Edition 10.2010. General guidelines . Quick•Step® Uniclic® Multifit parquet can be used in conjunction with „low temperature‟ floor heating.


Chapter 7 - Parquet Installation Figure 7-2: Creating 90° working lines from the wall Start by snapping a chalk line 24½" from the starting wall, opposite the entrance doorway (Line Y).

parquet® Laminatfußboden laminate fl

Exclusivität … this is what the laminate flooring of the wiparquet ® selection stands for. With their unusual décors and surface finishes,


Chapter 3 - Sand & Finish Parquet CHAPTER 3 SAND & FINISH PARQUET Job-Site Preparation and General Sanding Guidelines - See Chapter 1 Part I - Sanding Previously Finished Floors SAFETY NOTE: ALWAYS WEAR NIOSH-APPROVED RESPIRATORY PROTECTION.


Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be dry, clean and free of contaminants such as dirt, grease, loose or badly cracked paint. New concrete must be cured (three months) and smooth.

General instructions for installing engineered hardwood flooring.

When tapping parquet boards together, a piece of parquet must never be used as a tapping block because this or other inappropriate methods may damage the edge of the top layer lamina or lacquer.