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FLYING WHEEL John R. Kasich Governor, State of Ohio Thomas P. Charles Director, Department of Public Safety Colonel John Born Superintendent, Ohio State Highway Patrol

AAA School Safety Patrol Equipment Catalog - A proud ...

A proud tradition since 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol Program has helped equip patrollers with the skills and resources needed to ensure children walk to and from school safely.

Apprehensions by the U.S. Border Patrol: 2005-2010

JUL Y 2011 F a ct Sheet Office of Immigration Statistics POLICY DIRECTORATE Apprehensions by the U.S. Border Patrol: 2005-2010 LESLEY SAPP Apprehension statistics are one of the few indicators of illegal entry into or presence in the United States.

In this Issue:

In this Issue:  Welcome from the Border Patrol Chief  By the Numbers -- summary of key Border Patrol statistics  In the News -- news summaries of selected incidents of interest  Point of Focus -- this month's feature  Links - access to other informative sites  In Process ...


MOTOR EQUIPMENT DIVISION It would be impossible to function as a highway patrol without a fleet of vehicles. In 1931, the first Missouri State Highway Patrol fleet consisted of 36 new Ford Model A roadsters, a Plymouth sedan, an Oldsmobile, a Ford sedan, a Buick, and three Chevrolets.


FLYING WHEEL Vol. 49 No. 1 January - March 2011 Trooper Christina Hayes 139 OVI arrests 5 stolen vehicles recovered — Ace Award 12 felony arrests — Criminal Patrol Ribbon

A Culture of Cruelty

*No More Deaths / No Mas Múertes 4 ExEcutivE Summary 4 Introduction 5 Border Patrol Short-Term Custody Conditions 5 Border Patrol's Apprehension Methods & Border Deaths 6 Changing Demographics 7 Existing Standards for Custody and Repatriation 8 Recommendations & Conclusions 10 Pr EfacE 11 ...

NSP Employees of the Year Honored at State Capitol

State Patrol said, “Lieutenant Peck is truly deserving of the recognition bestowed upon him by the IaCP. The aviation Support Division is in a better position thanks to

MM_1999-03 Highway Maintenance Patrol Letter ofUnderstanding

Subject: Highway Maintenance Patrol Letter of Understanding MM_1999-03 Highway Maintenance Patrol Letter ofUnderstanding


Utah Highway Patrol Kanab Dispatch (435) 644-2349 Utah Highway Patrol Section 12 (435) 628-1966 Millard County PSAP Delta Public Works (435) 864-2759