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Pecan Prices and Grades

Pecans sold for final sale in-shell are the high-priced end of the market. The quantity of pecans demanded for inshell use has been fairly stable, regardless of price.

Starting Pecan Trees

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources • Oklahoma State University HLA-6207 Starting Pecan Trees Glenn 'Cat' Taylor Extension Horticulturist Commercial Pecans and Tree Fruits There are three major ways to establish a pecan tree: (1) plant pecan nuts directly in place in the ...

Pecans: Rich in flavor and nutrition!

The U niversity o f M issouri C enter f or A groforestr y NUTrition a nd Y our H ealth Why Pecans? As you consider healthy food choices for your family, why not "go nuts"?

PECANS - Using, Storing, Enjoying!

Hot & Spicy Pecans 2 Tbsp. margarine, melted 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce ¼ tsp. ground red pepper ¼ tsp. salt ¼ tsp. garlic powder 2 cups pecan halves 1 Tbsp. chili powder Preheat oven to 300°F.

Pecan Varieties for Oklahoma

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources • Oklahoma State University B. Dean McCraw Michael Smith Research Horticulturist Research Horticulturist Pecans and Tree Fruits Pecans Becky Carroll Senior Agriculturist Pecan varieties will be debated anytime two or more pecan ...


Pecans perform equally well in arid and humid climates, provided with adequate soil water. Disease pressure is worse in humid climates, as for most horticultural crops.

Home Preservation of Pecans

1 Home Preservation of Pecans Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D. National Center for Home Food Preservation November 2004 The pecan is a member of the Hickory family and is native to the Mississippi River valley.

Managing Native Pecans

FUTURE FARMS 2002: A SUPERMARKET OF IDEAS O klahoma native pecans are an original natural food. History and folklore have recorded incidences of Native Americans, and early explorers as well, surviving exceptionally hard winters on the tasty, high-energy kernels from native pecans.

Pecan Revenue

Market Price— The greater of:  The actual price received for any sold production;  The average price per pound for in-shell pecans of the same variety offered by buyers on the day you sell any of your pecans; or  The average Agriculture Marketing Service price for similar quality pecans published ...

Pecans: A Healthful New Mexico-Grown Food

To find more resources for your business, home, or family, visit the College of Agriculture and Home Economics on the World Wide Web at www.cahe.nmsu.edu Cooperative Extension Service • College of Agriculture and Home Economics This publication is scheduled to be updated and reissued 3/12.