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How To Install Aluminum Racing Pedals

How To Install Aluminum Racing Pedals Please note that two (2) holes will be required to be drilled in each of the factory clutch, brake and gas pedals to secure the aluminum racing pedals.


WARRANTY (ALL PEDALS) All Morley® pedals are warranted for two years from date of purchase. To obtain warranty service, contact the store where purchased, call Morley 24 hours a day at 847-639-4646 (ext 14) or email us at info@morleypedals.com CONNECTIONS (ALL PEDALS): 9V: Use only Morley's 9 VDC 300 ...

Sustrans shares expertise to change Nottingham students ...

Microsoft Word - Sustrans shares expertise to change Nottingham students' travel habits.doc

Pedals-founded Great Notts Bike Ride reaches 30

1 Pedals-founded Great Notts Bike Ride reaches 30! The Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride 2011 will take place on Sunday 19th June at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham.

3-Pedal Floor-mount Pedal Assembly

Tilton's new 3-Pedal Floor-mount pedal assembly offers great flexibility and many unique features, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

SPD-R Pedals

Grease Grease Grease Cleat Underside of binding Underside of binding Adjusting the friction and clearance between the pedals and cleats 8 mm Allen key Tightening torque: 35 Nm {304 in. lbs.} min. Use an 8 mm Allen key to mount the pedals on the crank arms.

General Safety Information

Do not use the pedals and cleats in any way other than as described in these Service Instructions. The cleats are designed to engage and release from the pedals when the cleats and pedals are facing forward.

RITCHEY User Manual

RITCHEY User Manual Pedals & cranksets Important information about use, care, maintenance and installa-tion Contents Notes About this User Manual 1 Introduction 1 Before Your First Ride - Determined Use 2 Use, handling of pedals on the bike 2 General Notes on Installation 3 Using a torque wrench ...


"I love the Zero's two-part cleat ... I can set my position perfectly. Then when I change the cleats, I can always reset my exact position without guessing.

re-greasing overview:

mud Candy pedals are generally unaffected by mud and other organic matter. In extreme cases, you may need to twist back and forth in order to engage (this will push particularly thick mud through the pedal) .