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* Extension Entomologists, Virginia Tech Periodical Cicada

Homoptera: Cicadidae Magicicada sp . Other Common names Periodical cicadas are also commonly called the 17-year cicada, 13-year cicada, or locusts.

ENT-52: Periodical Cicadas in Kentucky

P eriodical cicadas are important to those who work with orc hards, nurseries, and some horticultural products because these insects can seriously damage fruit-bearing and woody ornamental plants.

Periodical cicada worksheet (grades 4-6)

CicadaMobile Worksheet I1 Periodical Cicadas (Grades 4 - 6) 1. Lifecycle Step-by-Step ( Orange Station ) a) At what soil temperature do cicadas come out of the ground?

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Periodical Resources for Students in Nursing

E.J. SHAHEEN LIBRARY Periodical Resources for Students in Nursing 62249 Shimmel Road Centreville, MI 49032 Call for Information 269-467-9945 or toll free 1-888-994-7818 Fax: 269-467-4114 www.glenoaks.edu Glen Oaks Community College • Journal of Practical Nursing Hard copy : 1/95 - Spring 2001 ...

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Department of Entomology LANDSCAPE & ORNAMENTALS E-47-W PURDUE EXTENSION PERIODICAL CICADA IN INDIANA Clifford S. Sadof, Extension Entomologist In Indiana most broods of the periodical cicada appear once every 17 years.

An International Periodical Promoting Conservation and ...

HABITATS AND CONSERVATION OF MOLT-MIGRANT BIRDS IN SOUTHEASTERN ARIZONA M ARY C HAMBERS ,G ABRIEL D AVID ,C OURTENAY R AY ,B EN L EITNER , AND P ETER P YLE * Institute for Bird Populations, P.O. Box 1346, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 (MC, PP) 3819 Shelbourne Street, Apartment 401, Victoria ...

Deposition and decomposition of periodical cicadas (Homoptera ...

J. N. Am. Benthol. Soc., 2009,28(1):181-195 2009 byTheNorth American Benthological Society DOI: 10.1899/08-038.1 Publishedonline: 23 December 2009 Deposition and decomposition of periodical cicadas (Homoptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada) in woodland aquatic ecosystems CoreyL.