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Pests of Palms

Palm Aphid ( Cerataphis palmae ) • Females are fairly sedentary when feeding, and form a ring of white wax around their bodies. • Heavily infest young leaves and excrete honeydew upon which sooty mold will grow.

Two Common Oleander Insect Pests

Two Common Oleander Insect Pests - Early detection can help protect the plant. Two pests that may shorten the lifespan of oleander or make plants look so sickly that you want to get rid of them are the oleander caterpillar and the false oleander scale.

Meet the Beneficials: Natural Enemies of Garden Pests

Green lacewing adults eat nectar and pollen. Some species also eat insects. Green lacewing larvae feed on mites, eggs, and small insects, especially aphids.

Parsley Pest Management Strategic Plan For Ohio

There are several non-chemical management tactics and many pesticides currently registered for pests in parsley, however, the efficacy, PHI, and REI of these products quickly reduce the number of real treatment options to a handful.


CLIMATE CHANGE AND PEST DISEASES The movement of plant pests, animal diseases and invasive alien aquatic organisms across physical and political boundaries threatens food security and creates a global public concern across all countries and all regions.

Turfgrass Pest Management Manual

To obtain copies of this book, contact: Department of Crop Science Box 7620 North Carolina State University Raleigh NC, 27695-7620 PRICE: $12.00 Please make check payable to Crop Science Extension Turfgrass Pest Management MANUAL A Guide to Major Turfgrass Pests & Turfgrasses CONTRIBUTING ...

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Control of rice insect pests Table of Contents OVERVIEW..... 3 BASICS OF CULTURAL CONTROL OF RICE INSECT PESTS..... 4 Lesson 1 - Definition of cultural control ...

Wood-boring Insects of Trees and Shrubs

Shothole borers ( Scolytus rugulosus ) are secondary pests of common fruit trees (peach and plum), wild plums and occasionally ash, elms and hawthorne.


PREAMBLE The Soil Management Project (SMP) was initiated in 1994/95 as an adaptive research project in Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) with financial and technical support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Corn Insect Pests: A Diagnostic Guide

Authors Maureen O'Day, Anastasia Becker, Armon Keaster, Laura Kabrick College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources University of Missouri-Columbia Kevin Steffey College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Reviewers Michael ...