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Before you place an order, please email john@phonographs.org to check on the availability of the stylus that you wish to buy. We will reply promptly.


(UNPUBLISHED -08.11.10- MANUSCRIPT) THE. HISTORY. OF. COIN-OPERATED. PHONOGRAPHS. 1888 - 1998. An Illustrated Jukebox Documentary. by. Gert J. Almind


For quick orientation Instruction manual ESVI-phonographs iii For quick orientation Who should use this manual? • This manual is made for the operator of the phonograph.

Confronting the Mass Market: Thomas Edison and the ...

Summary of Statistics for the Manufacture of Phonographs, Graphophones and Talking Machines, 1919 and 1914, U.S. Bureau of the Census Bulletin, 1919, copy in William Maxwell Files, Phonograph Division Records, Edison Archives.

Antique Radio & Phonograph POCKET RESOURCE GUIDE

SPECIALTY PARTS SUPPLIERS Specialty parts suppliers offer a few items but specialize in a specific area. 10: Antique Phonograph Supply Co. >P PO Box 123, Route 23 Davenport Center, NY 13751 (607) 278-6218 apsco@antiquephono.com http://www.antiquephono.com 11: Antique Phonographs >P John P ...

Playola Phonograph With Records in Original Box. Robin & Joan ...

2 - 63 Playola Phonograph With Records in Original Box. Robin & Joan Rolfs Collection. (Value G) PLAY O LA PHONOGRAPH "A toy phonograph with a natural life-like tone.

Batavia Metal Products Co., Illinois - - Manufacturer of ...

Batavia Metal Products Co., Illinois - Manufacturer of Challenger’47 and Maestro’48 Coin-Op Phonographs - The story of the jukebox production at Batavia Metal Products Co. started on the 15th July 1937, when the inventive William M. Filben filed a patent on a new 30-selection automatic ...

Library Research

Library Research UPA American Studies From Phonographs to U-Boats: Edison and His "Insomnia Squad" in Peace and War, 1911-1919 A Guide to Thomas A. Edison Papers, A Selective Microfilm Edition, Part V Thomas E. Jeffrey "For a period largely neglected by Edison biographers and historians, this ...


INTRODUCTION : The normally quoted specifications of a phonograph preamplifier, such as frequency response, noise, and distortion, are of limited usefulness in ultimately determining how a preamplifier will sound.


( . 7 mil diamond tip for all 45 rpm stereo and mono records), per pair