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EMG INC PO BOX 4394 SANTA ROSA, CA 95402 USA P (707) 525-9941 F (707) 575-7046 EMGPICKUPS.COM BATTERY QUESTIONS SUMMARY —Do EMG pickups need a battery?

DiMarzio 4-Conductor Pickup Instructions

DiMarzio ® 4-Conductor Pickup Instructions For all DiMarzio pickups with side-by-side coils Please Note - If you have no previous experience with wiring or

81TW 89 Pickup Instructions [Converted]

Be sure to unplug your guitar when not in use to avoid current drain on the battery! The diagrams shown are for EMG Active Pickups only. All diagrams show the Red Wire coming from the pickups connected to the battery.


-continued-TONEQUEST REPORT V.11 N.11 September 2010 14 Lagniappe Upgrade notes: We replaced the stock, linear taper CTS pots in our '06 Les Paul Junior with a 'Les Paul Jr./Melody Maker' pot kit from RS Guitarworks consisting of an audio taper 500K volume, 250K tone, and a .022 mf Jensen paper ...

DiMarzio Area™, HS™, Virtual Vintage

other side before installing pickups. General Instructions • Some DiMarzio® pickup models are supplied with a BARE or GRAY ground wire. This wire MUST be connected to the

HighOrder Pickups - Do It For The Tone

HighOrder Pickups - Do It For The Tone Thank you for purchasing a HighOrder pickup. I hope you are pleased with it, and will use it for many years to come.

"Fillmore Set"Pickups

PRODUCT REVIEW by Trent Salter "Fillmore Set"Pickups Duane Allman Tone, but more! This months product review of the "Fillmore Set" pickup set is a testimonial in the search for tone, and a reminder that no matter how much some things change, the more they stay the same.

Wiring Diagram for Pickup Models:

If you are installing the Basslines™ EQ system in a bass containing passive pickups, it will be necessary to install a stereo output jack at this time.

GFS Mini Humbucker

GFS Mini Humbucker Ring Pickup mod 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Here is the standard "long Leg" Min humbucker- To fit our shell perfectly you will need to convert the pickup from a Long Leg model to a Flat Leg model.

Lindy Fralin

Rating Asolid Silver M! 44 MUSICIANS HOTLINE DECEMBER 2006 PRODUCT REVIEW HIGH OUTPUT HUMBUCKERS Lindy Fralin Lindy Fralin Pickups MSRP $240.00 (uncovered set) ...