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Leaf Structure

In dicots the veins branch continuously into a fine network or paftern of veins refened to as netted venation while monocots have less branching with several main veins running the length of the blade. This longitudinal pattern of veins is parallel venation. Netted venation is FIGURE 1 Simple Pinnately Compound ...

FOR 02 Tree Identification

You will note that the leaflets are attached to lateral veins branching from the rachis thus resulting in a leaf which is two times (bi-pinnately) compound. tip petiole leaflet Figure 3: Pinnately-Compound Leaf rachis tip leaflet rachis petiole Figure 4: Bi-pinnately Compound Leaf

Collecting and Exhibiting Tree Leaves

Consult the official reference book, Forest Trees of Oklahoma by E.L. Little, Jr., for examples of typical leaf size, shape, and types (simple, palmately compound, pinnately compound, bipinnately compound, and needle, scale, or awl).


(Pinnately compound smooth) The tree is probably a white ash. WHITE ASH 12. (Pinnately compound toothed) The tree is probably a green ash, black walnut, hickory, or pecan.

The Woods and Flora

ABSTRACT Barrett Nelson Rock. The Woods and Flora of the Florida Keys: "Pinnatae." Smith-sonian Contributions to Botany, number 5, 35 pages, 35 figures, 1972.-The "Pin-natae," comprising six families of woody plants with pinnately compound leaves, is represented on the Florida Keys by at least ...

Weed Identification: Using Plant Structures as a Key

In a pinnately lobed leaf, the veins will arise from several points along a central axis. Apalmately lobed leaf has veins that arise at the same point at the base of the leaf. entire serrated pinnately lobed palmately lobed 11

Weeds of Hawaii's pastures and natural areas; an ...

Pinnately compound leaves, leaflets 16-40, oblong, 0.25-1 inch long, upper surface darker green, lower surface with sparse brownish hairs, soft spine-like appendage at apex.

A revision of the Indigofereae (Fabaceae) in Australia. 2 ...

Erect annual or short lived perennial herb, 0.2-0.7 m high, with taproot; young stems ridged, green to yellowish or brown, hirsute with dense, spreading, unequally biramous hairs. Leaves pinnately trifoliolate; stipules narrow and triangular, 1.5-3 mm long,

Understanding Leaf Anatomy and Morphology

Two common types are the palmately compound leaf and the pinnately compound leaf. A palmately compound leaf has all its leaflets attached to acom-mon point.

Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests

Deciduous tree to 80 feet (25 m) in height and 6 feet (1.8 m) in diameter, with long pinnately compound leaves and circular glands under lobes on leaflet bases.