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Reading: Volumetric Flasks and Pipets Revised 10/20/04 1 VOLUMETRIC FLASKS AND PIPETS The most common types of volumetric glassware are volumetric pipets and volumetric flasks.

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Pipets are calibrated to deliver their contents in a set time, usually within seconds. Not allowing a pipet to drain for at least its rated drainage time will cause low results since not all of the sample will have been dispensed.

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Label the pipets #1, #2, Mass each pipet to the in Figure I so that the capillary tip is and #3 with a permanent marker. nearest 0.001 gi and record this mass Draw 2-3 mL of the ethyl alcohol from the labeled bottle in and labeled pipets.

Calibration of Burets and Pipets

Chemistry 321L Manual Page 14 While we only require an accuracy of 0.01 g in the mass of the water - since 0.01 g of water corresponds to about 0.01 mL which is the limiting precision in reading the buret - it is desirable and easy to determine the mass of the water and flask to the nearest ...

Basics Review and Calibration of Volumetric Glassware

Volumetric Pipets Volumetric pipets are used to deliver precisely a single, definite volume of liquid. The tip must meet stringent requirements because drainage time is controlled by the diameter of the tip.

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CLIN. CHEM. 20/3, 320-323 (1974) 320 CLINICAL CHEMISTRY, Vol. 20, No.3, 1974 Technology of Manually Operated Sampler Pipets Robert E. Wenk and Jack A. Lustgarten We have evaluated the performance of manually operated sampler pipets.

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