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Guide to Pipetting

AccuTek Laboratories™. All rights reserved. 1 Guide to Pipetting Understanding Pipettes Pipette terms Adjustment - altering the pipette so that the dispensed volume is within the specifications.

TROEMNER Pipette Standards Handbook

3 2 SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION SECTION 1: INTRODUCTION Troemner is pleased to offer the Pipette Standards Handbook to help clarify misconceptions surrounding proper techniques, operation, and calibration of these instruments.

Calibration Frequency for pipettes

nderstanding how pipettes fail Silent Failures Mechanical action pipettes, unlike the original glass pipette, contain many internal parts. Some pipette failures are evident, either to the eye or by the feel of the pipette action.

US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide ...

SOP No. QC-19-05 Date Revised 03/29/11 Page 1 of 15 . EPA/OPP MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY . ESC, Ft. Meade, MD . Standard Operating Procedure . for . Verification of Digital Pipettes Using the PCS 2 Pipette Calibration System

Particle-Size Distribution/Sample Fractionation - Pipette

Particle-Size Distribution/Sample Fractionation - Pipette Equipment ∞ weighing balances and weighing boats ∞ 100-mL beakers ∞ watch glasses ∞ 50 and 100-mL plastic tubes w/caps or #6.5 rubber stoppers ∞ 1000-mL graduated cylinders ∞ metal stirring rods ∞ wash bottles ∞ Rainin ...


If liquid has been accidentally aspirated into the pipette, the pipette should always be disassembled and cleaned immediately. Reagent deposits on the piston and seals will damage the pipette and impair its performance.

Biology 9 Pipette and Micropipette Use

1 Biology 9 Pipette and Micropipette Use Pipettes Pipettes are plastic or glass tubes with one tapering end that are used to transfer specific amounts of liquid from one container to another.

SoftGrip™ Multi-Channel Pipettes User Manual

Welcome Thank you for choosing a SoftGrip TM pipette from the Hamilton Company. Before using your new pipette, please review the important information in this manual on pipette features, basic operation, calibration, optimizing performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Pipette and Device Calibration Software

Pipette Tracker ™ www.labtronics.com Pipette and Device Calibration Software A Fully Automated Device Calibration Solution Regular performance testing and calibration of liquid handling devices such as pipettes as well as other devices is essential to ensure they're operating correctly.

Laboratory #1-Pipet teand Mi cropipette

Pipette: A pipette is used to tr ansferaspecificvo lumeofliquid. We will uses ever al different pipettes throughout this course (1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml) .