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With Humminbird s New PiranhaMAX™ Fishfinders

For More Information: Steve Roth 402/437-6400 steveroth@sramarketing.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE With Humminbird ® ' s New PiranhaMAX ™ Fishfinders High Tech Is Very Affordable EUFAULA, Ala. (July 2006) - Humminbird ® is introducing a new line of PiranhaMAX ™ one-touch fishfinders offering ...


BEFORE YOU BEGIN Two components need to be installed on the boat: the transducer and the control head. The control head displays sonar information; the transducer sends and receives sonar signals into the water.

Installation and Operations Manual

The PiranhaMAX™comes in five models: •Piranha MAX™150-Single Beam, 160 Vx 128 HMonochromeDis play •Piranha MAX™160-Dual Beam, 160 Vx 128 HMonochrome Display •Piranha MAX™170-Dual Beam, 240 Vx 160 HMonochrome Display •Piranha MAX™180-Tri Beam, 240 Vx 160 HMonochrome Display •PiranhaMAX ...

Thank You! What You See On the Display

Technologie du sonar PiranhaMax Le PiranhaMax est le détecteur de poissons le plus facile à utiliser. La plupart des pêcheurs à la ligne n'ont qu'à allumer l'appareil et à pêcher !

echo™ 100 and echo 150 owner’s manual

echo 100 and echo 150 Owner’s Manual 1 Introduction Introduction  WArnInG See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box

Prices shown are those in effect at time of publication ...

143 Prices shown are those in effect at time of publication – Subject to change without notice All prices are in Canadian dollars PiranhaMAX Series ™ PiranhaMAX™ 160 • Depth: 600 ft. • Display: 4” Diagonal, 160V x 128H,

PiranhaMAX 160X Fishfinder

Strata Mate Tinnie Seat. $179 ONLY PiranhaMAX 160X Fishfinder BLA Code 102488 RRP $189 •*Full*size*4"*screen •*Features*include: *fish*alarm, * depth*alarm, *advanced*zoom* sensitivity, *fish*ID*and*water* surface *temperature •*Dual*sonar*beam*for*greater*definition •*Transom*mount ...

Skimmer Transducer Installation Instructions

1 Pub. 988-0147-582 Installation Instructions for Skimmer  Transducers Single- or Dual-Frequency This instruction booklet will help you install your Skimmer  transducer on a transom, on a trolling motor or inside a hull.

Required Accessory Adapter for Universal Sonar 2

... GPSMAP 168, GPSMAP 178C, GPSMAP 198C, GPSMAP 430s, GPSMAP 431s, GPSMAP 530s, GPSMAP 531s, GPSMAP 535s, GPSMAP 536s, Fishfinder 80‡, Fishfinder 120‡ ‡with optional Garmin part number 010-10145-00, sold separately MKR-US2-8HumminbirdPiranha 4, Piranha 5, PiranhaMAX 10, PiranhaMAX 15, PiranhaMAX 20 ...

Tour Series Sonar Ready Adapter Listing

... FishFinder 595c, HDR610, Legend 3000, Matrix 10, Matrix 12, Matrix 15, Matrix 17, Matrix 20, Matrix 25, Matrix 27, Matrix 35, Matrix 37, Matrix 55, Matrix 65, Matrix 67, Matrix 77C, Matrix 87C, Matrix 97, Piranha 1, Piranha 2, Piranha 3, Piranha 4, Piranha 5, PiranhaMAX 10, PiranhaMAX 15, PiranhaMAX ...