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The Placenta

Jim Baun OB/GYN Sonography Review The Placenta 106 The placenta is a highly vascular, discoid organ that provides for the nutrition of the fetus. It is usually 2-4 cmthickandweighs about 600 grams.


Roger D. Niehoff, William R. Hendee and Donald W. Brown University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver, Colorado Many methods of placenta localization have been used to diagnose placenta previa, marginal placenta and other causes of third trimester bleeding.

Amnion - 9 days 8 days - 14 days Amnion

1 Placenta and Fetal Membranes Amnion - Epiblast / Extraembryonic Mesoderm Yolk Sac - Hypoblast / Extraembryonic Mesoderm Allantois - Embryonic Hindgut

Diagnosis of Placenta Previa During the Third Trimester: Role ...

83 0361-803x/92/1591-0083 ©American Roentgen Ray Society Diagnosis of Placenta Previa During the Third Trimester: Role of Transperineal Sonography Barbara S. Hertzberg1 JamesD.

Cancer of the Placenta - SEER Survival Monograph

National Cancer Institute 145 SEER Survival Monograph INTRODUCTION Cancers of the placenta are rare tumors arising from the products of conception in the uterus.

Placental Gas Exchange

252 Chapter 11 Placental Gas Exchange How do the placenta and the lungs compare as gas exchanging units? Gas exchange in the placenta is much less efficient than in a lung.

The placenta (or afterbirth) is the name given to the ...

UCD VET VIEWS CALIFORNIA CATTLEMEN'S MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2004 Retained Placenta in Beef Cattle What is a retained placenta? The placenta (or afterbirth) is the name given to the membranes that transfer nutrients from the cow to the calf before the calf (fetus) is born.

The Placenta: An Environmental Problem

BMJ Publishing Group The Placenta: An Environmental Problem Author(s): D. I. Rushton Source: The British Medical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 5849 (Feb. 10, 1973), pp. 344-348 Published by: BMJ Publishing Group Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/25424493 Accessed: 27/03/2010 14:52 Your use of the ...

ANAT2341 - Embryology Lecture 8 - Placenta

Blood Vessel Formation • Form by two processes- Vasculogenesis • coalescence of free (migratory) vascular endothelial progenitors (angioblasts) to form new vessels in situ • generates the first major vascular tracts during early embryogenesis- includes the yolk sac and trunk axial vessels ...

Placental Development and Functions

7 z Rate of metabolism similar to adult liver or kidney. Oxygen consumption is of same order as that of pancreas and kidney. z Placenta performs many synthetic and catabolic functions.