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Konecto Installation Manual 2010 Table of Contents

When each plank is installed a hand roller with direct pressure to the seams must be used! After completion a 100 lbs roller should be used across all seams.

Hollowcore 101

Hollowcore plank can be used with all types of floor finishes: carpet, vinyl, wood or tile. The preparat ion differs with each floor. Ceramic Tile This brittle floor system requires the most attention when prep aring the plank.

Allure Installation Instructions

Allure Plank and Tile Installation Instructions 1. Tools needed : Measuring tape, utility knife (or vinyl cutter), straight edge, hand roller, 75 to 100 lb. floor roller, sharp shears for cutting around irregular objects and also a heat gun (painters gun) or hairdryer for reheating planks or ...

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Ladder Jack and Plank Support Specifications:

Aluminum Ladder Jacks • Will accommodate up to an 18” wide plank • Use inside or outside ladder face • Welded and riveted construction

Professional liability, Tort reform

Professional liability, Tort reform

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introduction What makes allureso unique & revolutionary? allure is the ultimate "do it yourself" flooring product. It's just that easy to install.

Technical Bulletin

contact the blind nail and that spacing does not induce damage to the lapped plank. With double nailed assemblies, the wind load value for face nailing is not additive


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