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Langston Hughes - poems -

www.PoemHunter.com - The World's Poetry Archive 2 Advertisement For The Waldorf-Astoria Fine living . . . a la carte? Come to the Waldorf-Astoria!

William Shakespeare - poems -

www.PoemHunter.com - The World's Poetry Archive 2 William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Little is known about Shakespeare's early years. His father, John Shakespeare, was a glover and dealer in commodities and was a man of some standing in the local community.

The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

4 Emily Dickinson (1830-86). Complete Poems. 1924. Introduction T HE POEMS OF E MILY D ICKINSON , published in a series of three volumes at various intervals after her death in 1886, and in a volume entitled The Single Hound , published in 1914, with the addition of a few before omitted, are ...

Sample Cinquains

Of the poems that you heard when we shared our cinquain, which poems did you like best and why? 4. What will you do differently the next time you write a poem? ...

Rhyming poetry for children ages 8 - 13

3 Preface Third in our series of collections of rhyming, metrical poetry by contemporary authors, we are pleased to present Poems for Big Kids , an anthology for older children.


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The Greek Poems

Foreword If there were two names which everyone would immediately associate with Greek poetry, they would probably be those of Homer and Sappho.

College Poems Poems of 1966 by Alan Harris

At the Abattoir .....7 . Bidentity ..... 2 Free .....8

Nicholas Gordon

LOVE POEMS 97. YOUR HEART BROKE WHEN I SAID I HAD TO LEAVE YOU Your heart broke when I said I had to leave you To serve our country somewhere far away.

Dialogue Poems

p. 440 Dialogue Poems NOTES themes that might be of interest and explain how a teacher might go about organizing pre-writing, writing, and post-writing activities.