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PowerPoint on Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Southern US

Poisonous Substances Minerals: selenium, molybdenum, copper, lead, cadmium, fluorine. Mostly a problem in central and western US Nitrates: sudden change in animals diet to plants with high nitrate content.

Don't Pick Poison!

Poisonous wild mushrooms grow in Michigan From documented case histories and from the scientific literature, we have compiled a partial list of Michigan mushrooms known to be poisonous.

Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States

United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Agriculture Information Bulletin Number 415 Revised April 2011 Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States Prepared by K.E. Panter, M.H. Ralphs, J.A. Pfister, D.R. Gardner, B.L. Stegelmeier, S.T. Lee, K.D. Welch, B.T ...

Monarch Butterflies: Beautiful But Poisonous

Name: _____ Monarch Butterflies: Beautiful But Poisonous by Kelly Hashway If you’ve ever seen a monarch butterfly, then you’ve probably noticed their bright orange and black colors.

Non-venomous Snakes

1 Wildlife Damage Management Series Figure 1. Poisonous snakes have vertically elliptical pupils (cat's eyes), facial pits between the nostril and eye.

Snakes, Nonpoisonous

All poisonous snakes, except coral snakes and sea snakes, belong in a group called pit vipers. There are three ways to distinguish between pit vipers and nonpoisonous snakes in the United States: (1) All pit vipers have a deep pit on each side of the head, midway between the eye and the nostril.

New Mexico Snakes

1 Snakes are perhaps the most feared and hated animals in New Mexico, but people's fear may come from misunderstanding. Of the 46 snake species found in New Mexico, only 8 are poisonous and potentially dangerous.


VSE 00-05 POISONOUS PLANTS OF PENNSYLVANIA Many plants are potentially poisonous to livestock. The conditions for causing plant poisoning are, in most

Venomous Creatures of Tennessee

Therefore spiders and snakes are considered venomous rather than poisonous. A few examples of poisonous animals are frogs, newts and jellyfishes.


Slug-Like Caterpillars There are several species of slug-like caterpillars that have poisonous spines. Slug caterpillars are short and stocky an creep about on leaves in a slug-like manner.