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Teaching Politically Correct Language

20 T he importance of teaching EFL students politically correct English is no longer argued. Students who study English as a foreign language today should be aware of the importance of efforts towards inclusiveness and acceptance of diverse lifestyles and ethnicities in English-speaking cultures.

Crisis and Change in the Middle East and North Africa

"UNOCA's primary goal is to support regional organizations in their efforts to defuse political tensions," Moussa told Politically Speaking, during a round of briefings in New York as he prepared to take up his assignment.

preventive Diplomacy in west africa

In an interview with Politically Speaking, Ad Melkert, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), discussed some of the political and security challenges on the horizon.

Politically Correct Language

Politically correct language What do you think the following words and expressions mean, i.e. how are they said in normal or traditional English? sanitation engineer mail carrier physically challenged mentally challenged/ learning difficulties hearing impaired seniors visually impaired ...

The Definition of Terrorism

Terrorism is defined by Title 22 of the U.S. Code as politically motivated violence perpetrated in a clandestine manner against noncombatants. Experts on terrorism also include another aspect in the definition: the act is committed in order to create a fearful state of mind in an audi-encedifferent from ...

What Do Chinese Americans Think Politically

Taking a Pulse of Chinese Americans at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Results from the Multi-Site Asian American Political Survey What Do Chinese Americans Think Politically

Politically ExPosEd PErsons a Policy PaPEr on strEngthEning ...

VI Identifi cation of PEPs: Who to Check and When to Check .....33 Who to Check .....33 When to Check ...


6 SARs Filed by Depository Institutions on Politically Exposed Persons 14 . SAR Filings on Senior Foreign Political Figures and Foreign Corruption

A List of Politically Correct Terms

A List of Politically Correct Terms By Spandan Shrestha spandan.gr8st@gmail.com In the 21 st century, you should not use the term such as "fireman" to refer to someone who ยด s involved in the fire-fighting business: you should call him/her a fire fighter .

Inequality and social cohesion:

2 Inequality and social cohesion: Understanding what is 'politically feasible' Note for Summer Research Workshop: 1999, Poverty and Development, World Bank Washington, 6-8 July 1999 James Putzel 1 'Any policy reform has to constrain itself within the parameters of what is feasible while ...