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Delegate Amundson was delighted

Continued on page 8 ***** ***** ***** ***** How do you, a regular homeschooler, talk to a politician about homeschooling?

The Principled Politician

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Bureaucrats or Politicians? Part I: A Single Policy Task

Bureaucrats or Politicians? Part I: A Single Policy Task By A LBERTO A LESINA AND G UIDO T ABELLINI * This paper investigates the normative criteria that guide the allocation of a policy task to an elected politician versus an independent bureaucrat.

Politicians and Administrators: Two characters in search for ...

We also ran an ANOVA 4 on the final sample of respondents to assess the possible role played by some contingent factors, i.e. geographical position, department and actual role (administrator v. politician), on the investigated variable (i.e. roles perceptions).

LIST OF POLITICIANS AND OFFICIALS* (in alphabetical order)

Phase TwoCounter-Memorial of Nova Scotia October 17,2001 Page1 LIST OF POLITICIANS AND OFFICIALS* (in alphabetical order) *This document has been amended for submission with Nova Scotia'sPhaseTwoCounter-Memorial on October 17,2001.

Politicians, Attorneys General, Justices—Parallels?

Frank Murphy, a fine politician but a misplaced attorney general, turned out to be a great Supreme Court champion of civil liberties. In 1944, for example, Murphy dissented powerfully from the Court's decision in Korematsu v.

ADAM, William (1751-1839), politician

People of Mortlake, Barnes and East Sheen: A - B ADAM, William (1751-1839), politician. Lord Chief Commissioner of Scottish jury court, 1816. Lived at Sheen Cottage, Richmond Park, 1787-1816, where he was succeeded by his son William George, Accountant-General to the Court of Chancery, who died ...

Dr Lily Neo: Physician, Politician, Wife & Mother

D r N e o is m a r r ie d t o D r B e n N e o, a g y n a e c o lo g is t in p r iv a t e p r a c t ic e. T h e y h a v e t w o c h ild r e n. SMA EDITORIAL BOARD Editor Dr Toh Han Chong Deputy Editor Dr Daniel Fung Members Dr Chan Kah Poon Prof Chee Yam Cheng Dr John Chiam Dr Lee Chung Horn Dr ...

Corruption Through Political Contributions in Japan

Members of such a personal support group usually included owners of local businesses, heads of religious organisations, and officials of the local agrarian cooperatives, in other words, important local figures who could gather votes by supporting a politician's candidacy.

The Psychology of Participatory Democracy and the Personality ...

The Politician as a Leader This theory suggests that politicians are leaders and like all leaders they possess attributes which may not be found in followers.