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Student Pollworker Program

What is the Student Pollworker program? In 1998 the California Legislature adopted new provisions which allow for the use of students meeting particular requirements, to work in the polls on Election Day.

County Employee Pollworker Team

" The strength of our Democracy lies in each one of us. Your leadership in volunteering as a County Pollworker keeps our nat ion strong and the promise of freed om alive for everyone to enjoy."

Poll Worker Training

FOREWORD Senate Bill 610 (Chapter 530, Statutes of 2003) required the Secretary of State to establish a Poll Worker Training Task Force to make recommendations for "uniform guidelines for the training" of poll workers.

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Pollworker Application

https://lavote.net/secured/POLLWORKER/Default.cfm?AppType=Gener https://lavote.net/secured/POLLWORKER/Default.cfm?AppType=Gener


Department of Elections City & County of San Francisco www.sfgov.org/elections 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 48 San Francisco, CA 94102-4634 Voice (415) 554-4395 Fax (415) 554-7829 Dept Hours of Operation are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT POLLWORKER PROGRAM The San Francisco ...


Poll Worker Training 1 CHAPTER 6 POLL WORKER TRAINING The goal of this chapter is to provide guidance to county elections officials for training of poll workers.

Sign-up to be a Precinct Election Offi cial

It's easy, it's fun, it gives you extra cash AND it allows you to serve your state by actively participating in elections and preserving Democracy!

Department of Elections City and County of San Francisc o www ...

High School Student Pollworker Program San Francisco high school students ages 16 or older may also apply to be pollworkers. Student applications can be downloaded online at www.sfgov.org/election.

FOCUS On The Essentials

There are also workshops for two days before the election to practice setting up your poll, helping voters and closing the poll. Q. Contact Information: A. Phone: (858) 565-5800 E-mail: Pollworker@sdcounty.ca.gov Fax: (858)495-5357