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RBC Clumping

Polychromasia ... Etiology AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA DUE TO WARM REACTIVE AUTOANTIBODIES Primary (idiopathic) Secondary Lymphoproliferative disorders Connective ...

Complete Blood Count

Polychromasia is the heterogeneous staining of RBCs of different ages, and reflects an increase in younger cells (reticulocytes), which appear blue.

Grading Guide

iv Table of Contents Section I: Introduction General considerations 1-2 Section II: Red Cell Morphology Anisocytosis 4-5 Poikilocytosis 6-7 Microcytosis 8-9 Macrocytosis 10-11 Hypochromia 12-13 Polychromasia 14-15 Blister cells 16-17 Target cells 18-19 Tear drop cells 20-21 Schistocytes 22 ...

Selected Topics in Reptile Clinical Pathology

Erythrocytes showing polychromasia have a rounder cell shape, a pale blue cytoplasm and a vesicular chromatin pattern to the nucleus. Increased polychromasia and anisocytosis is a typical response to anemia.

Intensive Care Nursery House Staff Manual

... from islet cell hyperplasia) (3) Laboratory Findings vary with severity of HDN and include: Anemia Hyperbilirubinemia† Reticulocytosis (6 to 40%) ↑ nucleated RBC count (>10/100 WBCs) Thrombocytopenia Leucopenia + Direct Antiglobulin Test ‡ Hypoalbuminemia Rh negative blood type ‡ Smear: polychromasia ...


EXERCISE 4: Reticulocyte Count MLAB 1415 Hematology LAB EXERCISES MLAB 1415 Page 1 RETICULOCYTE COUNT LAB OBJECTIVE The student will perform, within ...


2 This book is dedicated to the memory of Doctor Seymour Bakerman. Dr. Bakerman was the founding Chairman of the Department of Pathology at East Carolina University School of Medicine.

Hematology, Peripheral Blood Abnormalities

... Iron-loading anemias, hyposplenism, hemolytic anemias Poikilocytosis Abnormal variation in shape Any severe anemia - e.g., megaloblastic, iron deficiency, myeloproliferative syndrome, hemolytic; certain shapes are diagnostically helpful (see following: Spherocyte through Teardrop cells) Polychromasia RBCs ...

A Counseling Guide for Sickle Cell and Other Hemoglobin Variants

Blood smear: Hypochromic/microcytic RBC's, fragmented RBC's target cells, Howel-Jolly bodies, normoblasts, poikilocytosis, schitocytes, polychromasia.

Health Occs and Med Terms 1st Semester Final Exam Review Sheet

Health Occs and Med Terms 1 st Semester Final Exam Review Sheet Health Occupations Book Chapter 1 - History and Trends of Health Care  List and describe the different periods in history and important contributions to medicine in each time period.  Be able to identify some of the important ...