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A usage-based approach to Spanish verbs of ‘becoming’

The verbs are all reflexive in form, and are given here with the glosses of the related non-reflexive form: ponerse 'to put (reflexive) ', volverse 'to turn (reflexive) ', quedarse 'to remain (reflexive) ', and hacerse 'to make (reflexive) '.

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El Manual Para Estudiantes y Codigo de Conducta ...

Favor de ponerse en contacto con el/la director/a para obtener una copia. The Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct is available in Spanish.

Barcelona Center for Education Abroad

Verbos de cambio: ponerse, volverse, convertirse, hacerse, llegar a ser, quedarse/acabar y terminar/acabar. Acepciones de "dejar". Conectores de la argumentaciòn.

How to Properly Put on and Take off a Disposable Respirator

Removing the Respirator Cómo ponerse y quitarse adecuadamente un respirador desechable LÁVESE BIEN LAS MANOS ANTES DE PONERSE Y QUITARSE EL RESPIRADOR.

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Reflexive Verbs: Part II

... to sleep dormirse - to fall asleep ir - to go irse - to go away, to leave morir - to die (abruptly, as of an accident, war, etc.) morirse - to die (as from natural causes; also "to die" figuratively) negar - to deny negarse a - to refuse parecer - to seem parecerse a - to resemble poner - to put ponerse - to ...

Mandatos afirmativos y negativos con Ud. y Uds. (p. 123)

(+ ponerse) _____ ese traje gris. 6. (- irse ) _____ _____ _____ ahora. © Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Nombre Hora Fecha Guided Practice Activities, Sheet 6 WEB CODE jed-0305 Realidades dar: dé/den ir: vaya/vayan ser: sea/sean estar: esté/estén saber: sepa/sepan Sean Levántese

Copyright 2011 Cheryl Hall www.ottookit.net Patient Education ...

escabel para ponerse las medias, los pantalones, y los zapatos, o use equipo con manos largas. 4. Calce zapatos sin cordones; use un calzador de mano larga.

Expresiones con DAR (Idioms with DAR)

... como un trapo to wipe the floor ponerle el cascabel to stick one's neck out with someone al gato poner las cosas en claro to clear things up; to explain ponerse + adjective to become (involuntarily) poner de manifiesto to make public ponerse a + infinitive to begin to poner en apuros to put in a jam ponerse ...