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TITLE: Census of breeding birds in the Ponor Mountains ...

Bird Census News 2003, volume 16 n°2 Bird Census News is the Newsletter of the European Bird Census Council or EBCC. The EBCC exists to promote the organisation and development of atlas, census work and population studies in all European countries; it promotes communication and arranges ...

Holocene vegetational history of the Apusenimountains ...

Because of the large size of the peat bog, two cores were taken: Ic Ponor I (295 cm length) (Fig. 3) at the summit of the peat bog, in the deepest zone, and Ic Ponor II (165 cmlength) (Fig. 4) in theNWmargin.

Acta 332 25.11-03 brez CM

geomorphological conditions of the genesis of the ponor jovac cave (croatia) acta 332 25.11-03 brez cm

Heritage, Weathering and Conservation 2006

Heritage, Weathering and Conservation 2006 BOOK OF ABSTRACTS 8 th Thematic Network on Cultural and Historic Heritage Scientific Meeting & Stone, Weathering and Atmospheric Pollution Network Scientific Meeting 2006


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Acta - 30/2 (2001) SLIKE

Since these valleys are about 1500 m long and up to 300 m wide, it can be considered as transitional phase towards karst polje. Fig. 9: Bunovac ponor (Ponor na Bunjevcu; ^epelak 1979).

The Poor and Their Money

i The Poor and Their Money An essay about financial services for poor people Stuart Rutherford Institute for Development Policy and Management University of Manchester January 1999 The Department for International Development will be publishing this work in New Delhi during 1999.

Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all ...

The higher shrub cover within active pastures of the Ponor Mt. could also be accounted forby a possible decrease of the reforestation rate with altitude as it was found in the Alps (Gellrichetal. 2008).

Installation Guide for Underfloor Heating Systems

4 Contact us on 01455 550355 Uponor Installation Guide Underfloor heating (UFH) systems are not difficult to design or to install, but it is important that the guidelines and instructions are carefully followed to ensure that the system performs correctly once installed and has a long service life.

The environmental impacts of human activities and engineering ...

This negative impact is most likely to occur during dry hydrological periods (i.e., during minimum spring discharge). Episodes, Vol. 25, no. 1 15 Figure 3 Photo of cylindrical dam around ponor Slivlje in the dry period.