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Yellow- Poplar

Forest Service United States Department of Agriculture FS-272 Yellow-poplar is one of the most im-portant commercial hardwood species in the United States.

Hybrid Poplar

Hybrid Poplar (Populus hybrids) General Description Many hybrid clones between Populus species have been planted in the Northern Great Plains. Most hybrids grow very fast but often lack the cold and drought hardiness of the native cottonwood.

Liriodendron tulipifera L.

Plant Fact Sheet Plant Materials <http://plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/> Plant Fact Sheet/Guide Coordination Page <http://plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/intranet/pfs.html> National Plant Data Center <http://npdc.usda.gov> TULIP POPLAR Liriodendron tulipifera L. Plant Symbol = LITU Contributed by ...

Properties and utilization of poplar wood: CHAPTER 9

CHAPTER 9 Properties and utilization of poplar wood John J. Balatinecz and David E. Kretschmann . Introduction To satisfy the increasing demand for forest products, fast-growing trees such as

White Poplar

White Poplar (Populus alba) General Description Medium to tall tree sometimes confused with Silver Maple since the leaves on long shoots are maple-shaped, while leaves on short shoots are more like aspen leaves in shape.

Poplars and Willows on the Prairies

Poplars and Willows on the Prairies Joint Conference of Poplar Council of Canada, IPC Environmental Applications Working Party, and Poplar Council of the United States Fantasyland Hotel, West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 18-24 September 2011 CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS (Click on ...

Short Rotation Woody Crops for Biomass A "Poplar"topic for ...

2 Hybrid Poplar Trees •Short Rotation Woody Crop (SRWC) •Fast Growing "Cottonwood trees" •Site preparation •Plant "sticks" •Spacing (8'x8'or now 10x10'or variation) •Maintenance Critical (cultivation and weed control) first 3 years •Reduced fertilizer and chemicals •Insect and ...

2010 Report of the Pesticide Working Group (PWG)

Report PWG 2009-2010 - 4 September 2010.doc Page 1 of 5 2010 Report of the Pesticide Working Group (PWG) Poplar Council of Canada Cees van Oosten - Chair PWG Introduction The Pesticide Working Group (PWG) consists of a 'partnership' between the Poplar Council of Canada and several corporate and ...

Poplar Borer

Poplar Borer Fact Sheet No. 94 November 2001 Alan H. Roe, Insect Diagnostician Introduction The poplar borer is the most commonly submitted wood borer found in aspens and other poplars in Utah.

To my partners in Poplar Forest Partners Fund,

1 To my partners in Poplar Forest Partners Fund, In the recently completed quarter, the value of our Class A shares (without a load) increased 10.85% as compared to the 11.29% gain in the S&P 500.