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While the combination of sensing technologies appears beneficial, little research has been done to investigate the combination of different sensing methods in one system applied to feature detection in wood. Portala and Ciccotelli (1990 and 1992) investigated the

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Origins of Attachment Theory


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GTA April 2009 User Registration Instructions Georgia Enterprise Technology Services Portal GETS Portal Page 1of 3 There are fivesteps for getting access to the GETS Portaland Services (applications/ modules) hosted on the Portal.

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EPA Portal Portal Help QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE How to Request Portal Access Portal Help How to Request Portal Access 05/13/08 1 This guide provides information on: • Establishing a Portal account for those individuals who do not have an EPA LAN account • Logging on to the Portal • Gaining ...

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2008 MARAUDER VOLLEYBALL 16 Career Records MATCHES PLAYED YR MT 1. Cora Peeler 2003-04 46 Sarah San Nicolas 2003-04 46 3. Portala George 2002-03 42 4. Jennie Nua 2004-05 41 TaMesha Jefferson 2004-05 41 Tiffany Bull 2004-05 41 7.

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Kamilla Portala - kamilla.portala@uaspsyk.uu.se; Carl Molander - carl.molander@akademiska.se * Corresponding author Abstract Background: The West-Haven Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI) can be used to describe

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Bella Rae Judy (Martin) Thomsen'58 invited her classmates to her home fora gathering. They carried on Judy'straditionfor visiting friends by signinga special blackboard in her home. by Ai me e Portala'05 Hall of Fame

Differentiating defects in red oak lumber by discriminant ...

The need for density information to improve defect detection accuracy has been doc-umented by several researchers (Conners et al. 1990, 1992; Araman et al. 1992; Portala and Ciccotelli 1992).