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Towards automating code-based game-based cryptographic proofs

Formalcertication code-based cryptographic proofs. In Proceedings of the 36thACMSym-posiumon Principles of Programming Languages, pages 90{101.

John Hauser

7th IFACSym-posiumon Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS 2007). Pretoria, South Africa, Aug 2007. Alessandro Saccon, Ruggero Frezza, and John Hauser.

AllenG. Clement

\BAR Primer,"A. Clement, H. Li, J. Napper, J.P. Martin, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin, Sym-posiumon Dependable Systems and Networking (DSN) , July 2008. 1

ChristopherJ. Rossbach

Rossbach, Jon Currey, Mark Silberstein, Baishakhi Ray, Emmett Witchel, Publications "PTask: Operating System Abstractions to Manage GPUsasCompute Devices"Sym-posiumon Operating Systems Principles (SOSP) 2011 ChristopherJ.


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Contact Information

... in Macro-Finance (Pittsburgh, PA) 2009: Western Finance Association (San Diego, CA), The Econometric Society 2009 North American Summer Meeting (Boston, MA), Adam Smith Asset Pricing Conference (London, UK), China International Conference in Finance (Guangzhou, China) European Summer Sym-posiumon ...

David A. Noblet

... International Workshop on Global and Peer-to-Peer Computing, May 2005. ƒ "FixD: Fault Detection, Bug Reporting, and Recoverability for Distributed Applications" Presentations Presentation, Lee Center Workshop, May 2007 ƒ "MojaveComm: A Robust Group Communication Library"Poster, 7th USENIXSym-posiumon ...


Salmonson, "The Kinematics of the Lag-Luminosity Relationship", 20thTexasSym-posiumon Relativistic Astrophysics , AIP Conf. Proc. 586:632-4 (Austin, TX, December 2000) 15.


"Howtomodify Schwarz Bayesian Information Criterion to locate multiple interacting quantitative trait loci", June 2003, Seventh Purdue International Sym-posiumon Statistics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, invited.

Trust and Partial Typing in Open Systems of Mobile Agents

To appear in the 26thAnnualACMSIGPLAN-SIGACTSym-posiumon Principles of Programming Languages, January 1999, San Antonio, Texas. Full version available as Com-puterScience Technical Report 98/04, University of Sussex, http://www.cogs. susx.ac.uk/ .