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Transferable Skills

10 Old Dominion University Transferable Skills I f you're wondering what skills you have that would interest a potentialemployer, you are not alone.

for preparing your CV

Aconcise, readable document, confirming your experience, achievements and abilities that will enable a potentialemployer to decide whether you should be shortlisted for an interview.


POTENTIALEMPLOYER PITFALLS Right now, the biggest potential pitfalls for employers will be: (1) failure to notify employees of the new leave provisions; and (2) denial of leave for reasons protected by this new legislation.

Wilder Research summary template

... 88% 88% 100% 57% 75% 77% 80% 80% 84% 86% 86% Youth resultsParent results Readiness to find and keep a jobafter Cookie Cart Ability to present yourself as an experienced employee Willingness to help others Abilityto work as a team member Willingnessto carry out responsibilities Comfort talking to a potentialemployer ...

Career Exploration

In addition, youwilllearnhow touse a jobdata banktosearchforopeningsaroundthe country, writea résuméandcarryout aninterviewwitha potentialemployer.