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FM Band Preamplifier

220 pF 100 Ω 1 uH.001 uF U310.01 uF Transformer (see text) +12 VDC 10 uF 100 Ω S D G IN OUT + FM-Band Preamplifier Here is a high performance RF amplifier for the FM band which can be successfully built without any special test equipment.


SA7—1 BROADBAND RF PREAMP ———— 100 KHz - 1.3 GHz • High gain - 20 dB Broadband coverage. • Excellent review in Feb. 90, 73 Magazine. • Two stage feedback design ensures stable operation.

A SMTDualGateMOSFET Preamplifier for 50MHz .

A SMTDualGateMOSFET Preamplifier for 50MHz . (Scrolltothe bottom if your main interest is in free semiconductors.) Latest update 14Sept07. w7zoi The Circuit The dual gate MOSFET was an especially popular device for commercial applications in the late 1970and early 1980 period.

Studio Preamp Owners Manual

Studio Preamp Owner's Manual Congratulations on your purchase of the MESA/Boogie Studio Preamp! In this compact, rack-ready package you'll find all the basic tones that made Boogie famous - clean, warm, smooth rhythm sounds; a screaming, vicious Lead voice; and enough control to produce anything ...

Stereo Phono PCB

Tetra All-in-One Phono Preamp Overview Thank you for your purchase of the Tetra phono preamp PCB. Despite predictions to the contrary, spinning black vinyl by the warm glow of vacuum tubes persists.

Iris Preamplifier and Remote Control System

It is highly recommended that where you may have a constant monaural source, such as a mono TV, that you secure a "Y" splitter from an electronics store and feed both preamp channels in parallel.

User Manual REFERENCE 5 S2 Stereo Preamplifier Tuner

FULL RANGE Balanced (XLR) output - Variable preamp outputs for driving an external power amplifier. Pin 1 - ground Pin 2 - POS + Pin 3 - NEG - 6. MONO L+R and SUB PREAMP (RCA) outputs - Variable level outputs for driving external power amplifiers or powered speakers.

LP-PAN Preamp Kit

2 Table of Contents Introduction.....2 Specifications.....3 Parts List ...

D'Agostino LLC releases initial specs of new Momentum ...

Momentum preamp initial release / page 3 Closeup rendering of the front panel of the Momentum preamp The Momentum preamp will be built by hand in the USA at D'Agostino LLC's own Connecticut facility, employing the same sturdy, machined aluminum chassis used in the Momentum monoblock amplifier.

A Low-Mu Triode Preamp

J ust about every stereo system uses a preampor line amplifier, if you prefer. This article des cribes a preamp (Photo 1) that's a little different from most, using low-mu power triodes to get good perform ance with only one amplifier stage, and no negative feedback.