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Complaint: Tax Return Preparer

Form 14157 (July 2011) Complaint: Tax Return Preparer Department of the Treasury — Internal Revenue Service OMB No. 1545-2168 Control Number: Information About the Return Preparer (Complete All Known Information) 1.

IRS Commissioner's - Return Preparer Review (Final Report)

1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The role of various forms of third party assistance in tax return preparation in the United States has become increasingly important.


To avoid liability for a tax preparer's mistake, a taxpayer must establish all of the following: • That he provided the return preparer with complete and accurate information from which the tax return could be properly prepared; ...

Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers

Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers By law, the tax preparer must give you a free, current, and legible copy of this document before beginning any discussions about tax preparation services.

Preparer Electronic Filing Mandate

Preparer Electronic Filing Mandate Frequently Asked Questions What does the law state? SECTION 12-54-250 (F)(1) A tax return preparer who prepares one hundred or more returns for a tax period for the same tax year shall submit all returns by electronic means where electronic means are available.

Selecting a preparer for your income tax return

Make Informed Decisions When Paying for Income Tax Preparation Services Select a preparer who will be available to assist you in the future, in case you receive correspondence from the IRS or FTB or your return is selected for audit.


3 Recent Events Highlight the Need to Address Preparer EITC Due Diligence É Government Accountability Office (GAO) Audit -TY 2005 Filing Season É Shopped 10 returns with EITC scenario É 8 out of 10 did not report all income É 5 out of 10 did not ask where child lived or ignored GAO's answer ...

United States Bankruptcy Court

B19 (Official Form 19) (12/07) - Cont. 2 NOTICE TO DEBTOR BY NON-ATTORNEY BANKRUPTCY PETITION PREPARER [Must be filed with any document(s) prepared by a bankruptcy petition preparer.]

GAO-11-868T Tax Preparer Regulation: Improving Tax Return ...

GAO-11-868T Tax Preparer Regulation: Improving Tax Return Accuracy Depends on IRS's Use of New Requirements

Stay Current Recent Updates to Tax Return Preparer Penalties

1 Recent Updates to Tax Return Preparer Penalties BY KEVIN YOUNG, CRISTIANE WOLFE AND MARK LANGE As taxpayers, tax return preparers and tax advisors prepare to file returns for the calendar