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In what ways do I procrastinate? Grab a pen and paper for this exercise. Ask yourself in what ways you procrastinate, what makes you procrastinate the most, what has happened when you decided just not to do a particular task?

Study Skills Tips: Overcoming Procrastination

Deliberately choose to procrastinate. If you can choose to do it, you may find you can choose not to procrastinate. 5. If you find yourself putting off the same thing over and over again, reexamine its priority.

Decreasing Academic Procrastination

"In recent years researchers have studied academic procrastination and find that more than 70% of college students procrastinate. As a result of our surveys, we put together a few ideas.

Applying Explanatory Style to Academic Procrastination

In accord with presumed effects on motivation and morale, we expected that students with pessimistic attributional styles would procrastinate more relative to students with optimistic attributional styles (those who minimize negative outcomes by shifting blame onto external, unstable, and specific ...

Why You Procrastinate

Why You Procrastinate . by Donald Asher . Do you put off important work until the last minute? So do I! That makes us both procrastinators. In fact, this article was due weeks ago.

The Marketplace of Perceptions

"Harvard's approach to economics has traditionally been somewhat more worldly and empirical than that of other universities," says President Lawrence H. Summers, who earned his own economics doctor-The Marketplace of Perceptions Behavioral economics explains why we procrastinate, buy, borrow, and grab chocolate ...

Understanding Procrastination Froma Self-Regulated Learning ...

In particular, findings indicate that students may believe they procrastinate more when they view their academic tasks as effort-fulortime consuming and when they are unsure of their abilities to complete those tasks successfully.

Three Field Experiments on Procrastination and W illpower

Procrastination has been found to be quite pervasive among students: Ellis and Knaus (1977) find that 95 percent of college students procrastinate, while Solomon and Rothblum (1984) find that 46 percent nearly always or always procrastinate in writing a term paper.

Overcoming Procrastination Worksheet

Reasons to Procrastinate Solutions The task is difficult. • Reassure yourself that this isn't so hard. • Break it down into small steps. • Go work on it somewhere where you can concentrate.


When Do Students Procrastinate? Because costs and benefits of procrastination vary across types of assignments, behavior should vary as well.