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New Products 2009

• Ready to face up to new challenges. A large logist ic and commercial structure enables Disano illuminazioneto face the new, difficult chal lenges posed by an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

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NO VERTICAL SLIP - The laying with a top-down sequence of progression in diagonal or in low absorbency ceramic coverings, also without the use of spacers, requires immediate adhesion in order to support the tiles, while maintaining a long adjustability time.


WHAT IS FRACT.AG? FRACT.AG is a highly expansive mortar to demolish and cut rocks and concretes. FRACT.AG swells when poured into a hole and develops a pressure higher than 8000 t/m 2 on the hole wal-ls, thereby breaking them open.

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Hydrogenerators Hydrogenerators have an extremely wide range of rotat ional speed depending on individual site condition. Due to this range (usually 50 - 1200 rpm), the construct ion configuration of the shaft and bearings, diameter and structure of the rotor, have a several possibility.

Vectolub®, Minimal Quantity Lubrication VE1B units

1-4403-US www.vogelfrance. com Certifi cation Qualité ISO 9001 AFAQ 1995/3256 Vectolub ®, Minimal Quantity Lubrication VE1B units External minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) Volumetric metering Application The eMQL system Vectolub ® is a clean and economical altern ative for lubricant ...

Moving Coil Cartridge Test Reports

May 1980 Vol. 64, No, 5 • t • • • r Bert Whyte AUDIO is published monthly by CBS Publications, ©1980 Cartridge and Arm Wrestling There are those who will tell you that the analog disc and the phono­ graph cartridge and arm are in the twilight of their long history, that there is little ...


EN 12004 Class C2 FE EXTRA-RAPID SETTING AND DRYING– The sensibility to water of many types of marble and recomposed materials, especially those with low thickness, makes it necessary to use high

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Turbogenerators Ansaldo Energia produced its first air-cooled turbine generators in the early 1920s. Since 1950 about 500 units in the 10 to 330 MVA range have left the Genoa production facility for install ation worldwide.

Test report: D - 1898 Manufacturer

Manufacturer: AGCO Netherlands B.V. Horsterweg 66 5971 NG Grubbenvorst Netherlands ENTAM - Test Report June 2011 Sprayer type: Trade mark: Model:


COMUNITA' EUROPEA CERTIFICATO PER L'IMPORTAZIONE DI PRODOTTI BIOLOGICI (Accompanyng Product Certificate) 1. Bodyissuing the certificate (name and address)) ECOCERT ITALIA S.r.l. C.so Delle Provincie, 60 - 95127 CATANIA 2.