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Circuit Breaker Analyzer System

Programma Electric AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. Programma Electric AB Eldarvägen 4 Box 2970 SE-187 29 TÄBY Sweden T +46 8 510 195 00 F +46 8 510 195 95 info@programma.se www.programma.se Subject to change without notice.


Programma SVERKER 750/760 Relay Test Sets ■ High current/high power output ■ Freeze and hold readings ■ Interconnect up to three test sets for

Circuit Breaker Analysis Software

CABA Win can be used with Programma breaker analyzers TM1800, TM1600/MA61 and EGIL. CABA Win organizes all the test tasks and ensures that measurements are conducted in the same way for each object being tested.


A VIEW FROM 215 by Henry Weinfield It seems like yesterday that I came to the Program as a young (well, not exactly young) assistant professor, but it will be fourteen years in August, and here I am, sitting at a desk I never expected to be sitting at and writing "The View from 215."

Programma ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System

Programma ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System ■ Most Advanced Primary Current Injection Test System to simplify all types of switchgear and CT commissioning, ground grid, circuit breaker testing and more ■ Modular design to permit optimal user configuration of output current vs ...

Programma SVERKER 650 Relay Test Set

Programma SVERKER 650 Relay Test Set ■ High current/high power output ■ Designed for rugged field use ■ 0to 100 Amp output current ■ Suitable for testing many different types of relays such as power, voltage and current ■ Easy to operate ■ Lightweight and portable, weighs only 15.3 ...

Programma VIDARVacuum Interrupter Tester

Programma VIDARVacuum Interrupter Tester ■ Tests the integrity of vacuum interrupters quickly, safely and easily ■ User defined voltage selection ■ Extensive voltage range ■ Easy to operate.


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GE Energy TM200 ™ Timer Programma® Products

TM200 TM200 ™ Timer A timer is often needed for use with the CSU600A™ current supply unit or ODEN A™ primary current injection test system.


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