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Information Concerning the Turnback Component of the ...

The remaining I1x prolr_s, v.l.th a total funding of $1.1 billion in 1982, are diatributed entirely on a discretionary ba.is (aee Table 2). o At l.a.t 17 of the progr.. s propoa.d for tU1:nback are htlh1y targeted on low-income perlons (aee Tab1. 2).


a froaework forconceptuallzin. relearchprojecta and prolr.... calledlhe Lo,ic.l Framework (Fieure 1). The Lolical Fr... work i. limply a tool which provid.1 _.tructure for lpeeifyincthe ca-ponents of an activity and thelOlieal linke,e.

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Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadoresdela Educación Comité ...

:1;, :etario General Prolr. Mrián Delgado Hernández Secretviode Organización I Profr. Fleury Eduardo Carrasquedo Monjarás Secretariode Organización 11 ProIr.

City of Oswego

prepared for the Local Waterfront Revlt.liz.tion Prolr •• ioaccord.nce vith the requirement. of Part 617 of che i.ple.eocinc recul.tlonl of Article 8 of the Envlron~ent.l Con.erv.tlon L.a..... and WHEREAS, a Final Eovironoental topact SCate.ent b •• been prepared.

SEC News Digest, 08-04-1966

An electric utility, the coapany will uae the net proceed. of it•• tock aale in connection with ita conatructloa prolr •• (eatt..ted.t $300,000,000 for 1966-1968).


Esprrirncc with these systems has suggcstrd t.lmt bomc prob lcnls rcluitin: in particular. that some npdatcs (with low prolr-nbilitv) do not rcarh all sitrs.

PAS 1: MSH facilities and Alternative Use

... Year)iI 1905 to 1921; 1930 to 19151 1950 to 1964, and 1980 1958 to 1964 1925 to 1935, 1946 to 1961; 1971; end 1981 1900 to 1937; 1947 to 1966, and 1974 PROPERTY \IZE (Acres) 243.50 198.00 245.00 760.00, 59].00 acres leased out cawlTlOW Of LMDSCAP£a Generally... 11 land­ acaped Good con-ditlon, 1978 beau-tUlcaUon prOlr_ Good cond'l- ...