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PROMET (Shoreview, MN) unveils a second FiBOTM model for ...

PROMET International Inc. 4611 Chatsworth St. · Shoreview · MN 55126 · USA · Phone: 651.481.9661 · Fax: 651.481.9565 · www.promet.net FOR IMMEDIATE MEDIA RELEASE PROMET (Shoreview, MN) unveils a second FiBO TM model for unsurpassed testing efficiency of polished fiber optic ferrules in ...


MODEL 5000 DIGITAL RF POWER METER • Dual Digital Readout with Analog Bar Graph. • For Digital Broadcast, Wireless, Mobile, and General RF Test. • Wide Range: 2 to 3600 MHz, 1 to 1000 Watts.

MECHANICAL FIBER POLISHING. What to look for in a machine ...

Page 1 of 12 MECHANICAL FIBER POLISHING. What to look for in a machine; about fiber connector standards and acceptance criteria; about polishing techniques and guidelines Written by Robert Rubin ULTRA TEC Mfg., Inc. Connectors play a key role in fiber optic communications.

Control Monitor CoMo Net®

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TESA*SCAN 52 REFLEX*Click REFLEX-Click mode: a breakthrough in the field of turned parts inspection 22 years ago TESA was the company to launch the TESA-Profile optical measuring system that allowed turned parts to be scanned and therefore measured quickly and accurately.

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Project Schedule Benefi ciation Options Study - Oct 2000 Metallurgical Testwork - 2000 to 2005 Bankable Feasibility Report - Feb 2006 Updated Feasibility Report - Jan 2008 Anticipated Detail Design June 2008 www.promet.com.au Client: Extension Hill Pty Ltd Project: Extension Hill Magnetite ...

EasyTube Measurement System - Accurate and Cost Efficient

EasyTube Measurement System for tube measurement, automatic generation of bend correction data, quality control, and documentation The EasyTube Measurement System is

Experimental study on the effect of wavelength and fluence in ...

1. INTRODUCTION The political problems in Late Roman Empire caused significant changes in the coin technology. The silver content dropped severely to less than 5% Ag and a new technology was introduced, which was applied in all the mints operating around the Empire.

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Process Schedule Scoping Study completed November 2005 Pre-Feasibility Study completed July 2006 www.promet.com.au Client: Gindalbie Metals Ltd Project: Mungada Hematite Project Project Location: 225 km SE of Geraldton Project Value: $115 million Services: Preparation of scoping studies Development ...

Survey of Precious Metal Production in Ancient Egypt

1. INTRODUCTION Precious metals used in ancient Egypt were gold, silver, electrum and their alloys. They were already known since the middle of the 4 t h millennium BC[1].