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R. Alcala´, J. Greeley, M. Mavrikakis, and J. A. Dumesic

Density-functional theory studies of acetone and propanal hydrogenation on Pt—111– R. Alcala´, J. Greeley, M. Mavrikakis, and J. A. Dumesic

Material Safety Data Sheet Propionaldehyde MSDS

Synonym: Propanal Chemical Formula: C3H6O Contact Information: Sciencelab.com, Inc. 14025 Smith Rd. Houston, Texas 77396 US Sales: 1-800-901-7247 International Sales: 1-281-441-4400 Order Online: ScienceLab.com CHEMTREC (24HR Emergency Telephone), call: 1-800-424-9300 International CHEMTREC, call: 1-703-527 ...

alpha-Methyl-1,3-benzodioxole-5-propionaldehyde (MMDHCA)

45 th Amendment IFRA STANDARD alpha-Methyl-1,3-benzodioxole-5-propionaldehyde (MMDHCA) IFRA Standard - MMDHCA June 11, 2010 1/2 CAS N°: 1205-17-0 Empirical formula: C 11 H 12 O 3 Synonyms : Heliofolal, Heliogan, Helional, Tropional (commercial names) 1,3-Benzodioxole-5-propanal, α-methyl-3-(1 ...

Chemistry 209 - Experiment #4 - Aldehydes and Ketones

EXPERIMENT 5 Aldehydes, Ketones, and Chirality: Reactions and Molecular Models Materials Needed molecular model kit 2 mL cyclohexanone, 2 mL acetone, 2 mL propanal 4 mL 5% AgNO 3 (aq), 12 mL 5% NaOH(aq), 5% NH 3 (aq) or conc. NH 4 OH(aq) 6 mL copper(II) citrate solution (Benedict's reagent ...

File No: NA/635 October 1999

Summary of the acute toxicity of 2-cyclohexyl propanal Test Species Outcome Reference acute oral toxicity rat LD 50 > 5 000 mg/kg for males LD 50

Hydration of Propionaldehyde by Temperature-Jump Relaxation1 ...

1 Hydration of Propionaldehyde by Temperature-Jump Relaxation 1 Purpose : Determine the rate constants for the reversible hydration of propionaldehyde using temperature-jump relaxation.

These problems are desirgned to give you an idea of what may ...

56) O CH 3 CH 2 CCH 2 CH 3 57) O CH 3 CH 2 CH A) 3-propanone B) propanal C) diethyl ketone D) 1-propanone 56) 57) Identify the family for each of the following compounds.

Applied Catalysis A: General

Temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) of propanal In each TPDexperiment, 50 mgoffresh catalyst sample was ini-tiallypretreated in flowing H 2 at 40 0 ◦Cinthesame diameter quartz tube as used in the continuous flow experiments.

Material Safety Data Sheet

1-Methoxy-2-propanol Acetate MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification

only a phenolic group n

66 Chemistry tODAy | january ‘12 Page 66 section-iMCQs : Single Option Correct 1. In hypobromite reaction of amide, carbonyl carbon atom is lost as