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Use of Non-FDA Approved Medical Devices: The Mesogun

LEGAL ISSUES 28 AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MESOTHERAPY Weighing factors in determining whether to use a non-FDA approved medical device in patient treatments, such as the Mesogun used in mesotherapy, is not a straightforward proposi-tion.

Managerial Communication

were once simply practical, instrumental and rational proposi-tions of organization, technology and economics. This course seeks to foster an awareness and understanding of cultural

Testing Huntington: Is Hispanic Immigration a Threat to ...

As Peter Skerry (2005) points out, Huntington's critics ignore the fact that Huntingtonbases his argument about the corrosive effects of Mexican immigration on testable ideas about the interplay of cultural, structural, and political factors. 7 Here we outline his causal proposi-tionsregarding the ...

Proposition 8 No Postcard

... or the Cali-fornia Marriage Protection Act, is an initiative measure proposed for the 2008 California General Election ballot that, if passed, would amend the Cali-fornia State Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. if passed, the amendment would override the ruling in In re Marriage Cases that struck down both the 1977 law and Proposi-tion 22.


You can learn more about the 2011 Proposi*ons at the VOTING CENTER. We have a 90-DAY WINDOW to pass these proposi*ons, BEGINNING ON August 2 nd, 2011 .

Water - Water budgets

rates would meet the cost-of-service standards promulgated by Proposi tion 218. The recent passage of California Assembly Bill (AB) 2882 cleared the legal path for “water budget”–based conservation rates.

Collective decision-making with individual confidence scores ...

Anonymity: Intuitively, this means that all agents have equal weight. Systematicity: This condition ensures that the collective judgment on each proposi


This essay attempts to codify more than a century of ecological research on crime and deviance into an integrated set of 30 proposi-tions and offers these as a first approximation of a theory of deviant places.

Abstract. - 0 Introduction - Atwo ...

nique involves two off-the-shelf SAT solvers, a main solver that performs the proposi tional reasoningof the input formula,and a little solver that reasons overthe quantifier

espite disagreements about the definition of ter rorism ...

A central proposi tionisthatterrorismcanbestbeunderstoodthroughafocus on the psychological interpretation of material conditions and the options seen to be available to overcome perceived