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PROSTITUTION INTRODUCTION Most prostitutes have been victimized, at some point in their lives, by sexual violence. More than 90% suffered childhood sexual abuse, often incest.

Prostitution and Sex Work

-Hospital workers are twice as likely to be assaulted by their patients as prostitutes by their clients, but prostitutes rely on friends orpersonal rules to manage risks, whereas hospital workers handle risk using their workplaces and institutions.-Prostitutes report lower job satisfaction than hospital ...

Street Prostitution

Helping Prostitutes 17. Helping prostitutes to quit. Street prostitutes typically need help if they are to quit prostitution. They often need drug and alcohol treatment, mental health treatment, transitional housing, case management, peer support/mentoring, child care, job training, health care, ...

Changes in prostitution and the AIDS epidemic in Thailand

In Thailand, brothel prostitutes have an average of four per night (Bhassorn et al. , 1993; Boon chalaksi&Guest, 1994; Celentano et al. , 1994), compared with an average (in 1990) of 2.6 fordirect prostitutes as a whole and 1.4 for indirect prostitutes (AIDST echnical Group, 1992).

Female Juvenile Prostitution: Problem and Response

Uses case studies of several young prostitutes and pimps to dispel myths and illustrate how children enter into this life and how it affects them. Also provides detailed advice on establishing a community program to help victims of child prostitution, with a case study of one such program.

An Empirical Analysis of Street-Level Prostitution

Prostitutes working with pimps (the Pullman area) generate substantially more weekly revenue than the other prostitutes while working fewer hours and performing fewer tricks.


Criminal Justice Processing of Prostitutes To learn more about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in handling prostitution, police used two sources of data: court records to examine case disposition and the criminal histories of prostitutes.

Prostitutes: Vendors of Another Type *

Journal of Social Development in Africa (1997), 12,2,75-89 Prostitutes: Vendors of Another Type * VICfORNMUZVIDZIWA ** ABSTRACT Urban prostitution in Zimbabwe dates back over a century to the rise of colonial towns.

Japanese Prostitution in Hawaii During the Immigration Period

The prostitute Kiona, aged 29, headed still another household of the following boarders, all of whom were Japanese prostitutes: Iwa, 18 years old; Siono, 19 years old; Mina, 18 years old; Akie, 17 years old; and Take, 24 years old. 2 At that time in Honolulu these prostitutes were not an isolated few.


24 THE SOCIOLOGICAL QUARTERLY Vol. 32". 1 /1991 1974; Hobson 1987; McLeod 1981, 1982; Roby 1969). This article partially fills that gap by analyzing the structure, objectives, and distinctive problems faced by the prostitutes' rights movement in the U.S. Data sources include movement documents ...