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Electrolux Prostore

Electrolux Prostore 400 liter digital waterproof freezers The Electrolux Prostore range is produced for the customer who needs refrigeration products suitable for gastronorm containers.

Electrolux Prostore

Electrolux Prostore 650 liter digital waterproof refrigerators The Electrolux Prostore range is produced for the customer who needs refrigeration products suitable for gastronorm containers.

Treatments for grain storage

Insecticides * -only the following are now approved for this use:-pirimiphos-methyl (Actellic 50 EC -use Actellic Smoke Generator No. 20 as a follow up in places inaccessible for sprayers)-bifenthrin + malathion** (Prostore 420EC)-chlorpyrifos-methyl (Reldan 22)-deltamethrin (K-Obiol EC25) Option Insecticides ...

MTH DCS and DCC Compatibility

http://www.UlrichModels.biz Page 1 of 9 MTH DCS and DCC Compatibility By Steve Gill, Ulrich Models Revised 10-26-2008 Abstract MTH (Mike's Train House) has recently entered the HO market with a quality line of HO locomotives.

TOOL AUTOMATION www.pro mot-automation.com

As Promot supplies not only the machine tool automation, but also the magazine equipment and the software, no additional interfaces are necessary. 17 Space saving storage MAGAZINES 'Prostore' high-bay racking ' with linking to an area gantry and ' an articulated robot High-bay racking „Prostore" HIGH-BAY ...

Warehouse Management Systems WMS Market Overview 2009

S&P Computersysteme GmbH SuPCIS-L 81 110 7 12 XELOG AG XELOG LagerSuite 78 128 6 15 STILL GmbH MMS.i 105 115 6 8 TEAM Partner für Technologie und angewandte Methoden der Informationsverarbeitung GmbH ProStore® 80 85 5 6 LinogistiX GmbH myWMS LOS 5 5 5 5 Aldata Retail Solutions GmbH G.O.L.D. Stock 80 150 4 7 ...


Laser d.o.o. Pritoka bb 77 215 Ripac Bosna i Hercegovina T el : ++ 387 37 31 92 81 Faks: ++ 387 37 31 43 24 E-mail: laserbih@bih.net.ba www.laser.ba Kontakt osoba: Sabaheta Harčević Laser je poznati proizvođač pločastog namještaja za kuhinje, kupatila i druge prostore.

Control of Sitophilus zeamais Mots., 1958 and Sitophilus ...

The treatments tested were: pirimiphos-methyl (Actellic 500 CE), at 4, 8, 12, 16 and 32 mL c.p./ ton (commercial product) (2, 4, 6, 8 and 16 ppm); bifenthrin (Prostore 25 CE), at 16 mL c.p./ton (0,4 ppm); deltamethrin (K-obiol 25 CE), at 20 mL c.p./ton) (0,5 ppm) and Control.

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... Jelly LPG MADA Meptazinol in pregnancy Metacam Oral Suspensions Methotrexate (paternal exposure) Methylene blue in pregnancy Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes Neofel XL Nitrofurantoin in pregnancy Otstaquix eye drops Phenol in pregnancy Prostore ...


uvoðenje u proizvodnju na otvorenom i u negrijane zaıtiæene prostore bili su: sorta ranijeg poŁetka i duljeg trajanja berbe, optimalna gustoæa sklopa, vrsta i